Quincy Jones Apologizes for Interview

Legendary music producer Quincey Jones has issued a letter apologizing for the candid and provocative interview in which he ruffled many feathers with his opinions and claims about artists he’d worked with and known throughout the years.

The famed music icon had given interviews to GQ and Vulture several weeks ago, in which he expounded on a wide range of subjects, most notably on some beloved musicians and actors both of today and yesteryear.

Among Jones’ controversial claims were that the Beatles were terrible musicians. He singled out Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr for particular scorn, saying that McCartney was the worst bassist he’d heard and that Starr was unable to perform correctly over many takes.

He also said that Michael Jackson stole music, that Taylor Swift is a poor songwriter, and – perhaps most controversially – that Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor had an intimate relationship. He also claimed to have dated Ivanka Trump in the past.

Fans of the Beatles, Jackson and Swift were angered by these comments, and members of Richard Pryor’s family reacted with outrage.

Jones, in his apology letter, states that he is sorry for bad mouthing others, while not referencing anyone specific. He cites his recent sobriety as a potential cause of his candor during the interview. According to Jones, his daughters were the impetus for the apology letter, as they staged a family intervention to talk with him about it. One of Jones’ daughters is the actress Rashida Jones, star of movies and the hit TV shows Parks and Recreation and The Office.

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