Queens of Drama and Drama Queens

In this drama-filled show, six women come together to accomplish something unique: to produce a fresh prime time drama. After tiring of being told what roles they should play by mainly male-dominated production companies, they decide to write their own show in which they construct the characters they will act. However, these powerful women struggle to get along as they fight over the hierarchy that begins forming. Tensions rise as loyalty turns into betrayal and bonds are both created and broken.

The show gives a realistic twist to dramatic soap operas. It allows people who do not work within the television business to have a peek inside the workings behind a show while still maintaining a fascinating plot. The relationships portrayed are highly genuine; there is just the right amount of tension that someone would find in a workplace similar to the television industry. Although some of the scenes feel too dramatized to be completely authentic, the show feels more original than many dramas, convincing its audience that they are watching the makings of a soap opera in real time.

The cast consists of a few big names, including Vanessa Marcil, winner of a Daytime Emmy in 2003 for her role in General Hospital, and Donna Mills, three-time winner of “Best Villainess” for her role in Knots Landing. Another actress that has made an impression in the show is Crystal Hunt.

In Queens of Drama, Hunt plays herself. She is very opinionated and willing to stick up for her beliefs. However, some of her behaviors come across as offensive to the others and stress the budding friendships in the group. After Donna finds out about her past, Crystal is almost rejected from the crew. She then goes out of her way to mend her relationships within the party while helping the group to pitch their idea. During the filming of the show, Hunt split her time between Queens of Drama and Magic Mike XXL.

Crystal Hunt is both an actress and producer. Her most well-known part was “Lizzie Spaulding” in Guiding Light which lead to an Emmy Nomination. Hunt costarred alongside Amanda Bynes in the movie Sydney White and was cast as “Stacy Morasco,” a stripper in the daytime series One Life to Live. She was also the executive producer of Talbot County, a horror film inspired by a true story.  Crystal Hunt has an official Facebook page for fans.   Otherwise, see Crystal branch out into Photography on her official site.

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