President Trump Ribbed for First Weekend Plans by Stephen Colbert

Newly sworn-in President Donald Trump probably will not lose too much sleep worrying what comedians say about his first few days in office. As it turns out, though, late-night comedians have plenty to say. Stephen Colbert took some time to poke fun at the President last week.

President Donald Trump commented that he would get serious about executive orders after the weekend inauguration celebrations, to avoid mixing the celebration with the signing of the orders. The Huffington Post reports that Colbert joked with the Times of London about the President’s statement. Wondering how celebration and signing can be confused, the comic quipped, “‘I’m sorry, I thought I was giving out an autograph; instead I accidentally gave back the Louisiana Purchase.’”

Stephen Colbert has a long history of mocking Republican politicians and Donald Trump specifically, so this will surely be the first of many Colbert jokes about President Trump. For late-night hosts, a new President represents a new target for humor, and Trump’s outspoken nature will undoubtedly create many opportunities for humor.

President Barack Obama appeared on various late-night shows during his Presidency, and one has to wonder whether President Donald Trump will do the same. A meeting between Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump could lead to hilarity. We can only hope that Colbert will manage to land Trump as a guest sometime in the future.


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