President Obama Stands Up For Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a concept that is currently being debated at length in Washington D.C. and all throughout the country at this point. This is because the country is grappling with the idea of what net neutrality is and if it is something that they want.

The term is boiled down to simply a preservation of the system as it currently stands. That is that all information on the Internet is delivered at the same speed without any particular information or ideas being sent faster. Some Internet providers would like to have more control over the speed at which information on the Internet is shared and therefore more control over the content that is or is not seen in general.

As you might imagine, many others are seeing this as a major problem, and President Obama has now come out with his best support for the concept of Net Neutrality that he has ever released. details how the President is now taking greater steps in the direction of protecting the system as it currently stands.

President Obama and some Republicans in Congress are almost certain to have quite a battle over this one as the new Congress comes into session, but at the moment it appears that the public is behind the concept of net neutrality. Bruce Levenson seems to be in favor of it. One can only guess what will happen with this one and where public opinion on the issue might be in the near future.

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