Police in Covington Giving Drivers Money Instead of Fining Them

Some drivers who got pulled over for a ticket in Covington, Louisiana got quite a surprise. An anonymous donor gave a stack of $100 bills to the local police department in the city. Officers for the department fanned out across the city and pulled people over to give them a warning and a $100 bill.

You know the feeling of dread when those lights come on in your rear view mirror. Bruce Levenson hates seeing that happen to him. It is especially bad during the holidays and your “merry” mood is completely ruined by knowing that in addition to having to pay off those Christmas gifts you bought you are now going to have to pay some fine. Imagine the shock and joy of motorists to find that they would be receiving money instead of paying any out.

This was undertaken as an effort by the local police department to strengthen goodwill with the local community. It was thanks to a donor who wished to remain anonymous, and the bills had “Secret Santa” stamped on them. It is such a change of pace to see good news stories to do with the police after all the negative incidents in the news of late. Police in general can incur a public relations backlash from the questionable actions of a few and acts like this can be a public relations boon for any police department. These hundred dollar recipients will no doubt be telling the story of this traffic stop to friends and family for years to come.

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