Philanthropy by Dick DeVos was a Calling

When Dick and Betsy DeVos were school-age kids, they visited the Potter’s House Christian School, an institution that for more than 30 years served a part of Grand Rapids with hundreds of low-income families. While at the school, the couple met parents who did everything in their powers to make sure that their kids studied in an environment that was safe, and an atmosphere filled with electric curiosity, love and care for one another.


That really touched them. As such, Dick and Betsy developed a commitment to help other parents, from low-income families in particular. In 1990, Dick DeVos portrayed his commitment by vying for a post in the State Board of Education in Michigan. He was elected, creating a foundation that gave scholarships to low-income families, allowing parents to choose where their kids would attend school.


Later in 1991, Betsy DeVos took an initiative to serve two national charity groups; the American Reform Council and the Children First America. These two foundations significantly expanded education choice through tax credits and vouchers. Betsy and Dick tried to change the constitution to allow tax credits scholarship in 2000, but their efforts turned out to be in vain. Betsy even contended for the chairperson role at Michigan Republican Party for a couple of years but his effort to defeat the constitutional amendment did not work.


By 2002, after Dick and Betsy’s operations to promote education reforms proved significantly successful, they decided that it was time to do them nationally. They, therefore, created what they called the All Children Matter, a political organization that educated the public about the need for greater educational choice. This was their biggest success.


About Dick and Betsy DeVos


Dick DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University. He is the son of the co-founder of one the largest multi-segmented corporations in the world. He began working for his father’s company in 1974, serving various positions in different segments. In 1984, he was employed as the Vice President of Amway International, leading diversification in over 20 countries.


Dick DeVos is also the owner and the President of the Orlando Magic Basketball Club based in Michigan.


Betsy DeVos, on the other hand, is a reformer. Having studied at Calvin College, she was involved in politics at the college and has retained the quest ever since. Betsy pursued education reforms in a variety of non-profit roles. Most notably, he co-established the Dick and Betsy Foundation to serve as a vehicle for her family’s giving.

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