Perry Mandera – Founder of “Custom Companies, Inc.” and “Custom Care Charities”

Perry Mandera started Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986 and such move would later become the ideal decision to make that would land Mandera much flourishing success, prosperity and prestigious recognition and honors.

Perry Mandera is not only a founder of the full-service transportation company, Custom Companies but also the founder of the charitable organization, “Custom Care Charities”. Mandera has built the two businesses into a sheer success that has landed Mr. Mandera as a huge influence throughout the great cities of Illinois – Northlake and Chicago.

Perry Mandera has managed to take his Custom Companies, Inc. business to an amazing $200 million in annual business by serving thousands of customers along the way. Throughout business dealings with the company, Perry was able to secure many jobs for the community and abroad, improving the quality of life for many and training them to become skilled and more appreciated people of the community.

Throughout his pursuits within Custom Care Charities, Mandera’s organization is responsible for lending its support throughout the year to ensure that families are better off in a number of ways.  Whether its through educational assistant or family holiday enrichments, Custom Care Charities provides. Just this past holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, Custom Care Charities donated thousands of dollars to Chicago, Ill residence to allow them to have a more joyous and plentiful Thanksgiving and Christmas, filled with food and wonderful gifts. Custom Care Charities Funds also donates in efforts to ensure that underprivileged children have better opportunities at better education (customcares).

Perry Mandera’s efforts with Custom Companies, Inc. earned recognition from the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA). In this light, Mandera was honored as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium”.

Perry Mandera has developed two incredible businesses that has created outstanding results. Besides his successes in the businesses, Mandera served in United States Marine

Corp. So, if you see Mandera on the street, don’t only thank him for his charitable efforts and his part in boosting the Illinois economy through Custom Companies, Inc., but also thank him for serving our country and keeping us well protected.




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