Paul Says Republican Image “Sucks”

At a College Republicans conference this Thursday, co-hosts Rand Paul and Rance Priebus made some interesting comments about the GOP’s present “brand” and the one they hope to transform it into. Paul spoke via conference call to the audience and stated that he thought the Republican brand “sucks” and that it is perceived as not “cool” and too negative. Priebus, the Republican National Committee Chairman, was glad to hear that Paul did not blame the Party leadership for these faults.

Priebus laid emphasis on the need to expand the party’s base by reaching out to young people- the future of the party.  They understand that these will all be slow ventures, but they’re willing to put in the work required to get there. The next day, Priebus called Rand Paul a true “tip of the spear” that challenged the party.

They bought into the easy-to-accept idea that a mere “face life” will solve the party’s woes and lead to victory.

In reality, many in the Republican base are frustrated with the failure of Republican representatives to consistently stand up for the things spelled out in their own party platform. Conservatives can see past the media’s poor portrayal of Republicans, but they find it hard to trust candidates who seem to lack the courage to fight for the things the party ostensibly stands for.

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  1. Jenna Angelo says:

    The two GOP leaders repeated the conventional wisdom that says the Republican Party’s main problem is a bad image. The need to bring more women and minority voters into the GOP’s ranks was also mentioned. It makes perfect sense to me that essays help would have everything they have ever wanted and it is so good that way.

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