Anthony Toma’s Advice To Future Nine9 Clients

Anthony Toma’s Advice To Future Nine9 Clients

Considering the insight from a recent interview with Anthony Toma, it is apparent that an acting or modeling career will have its uphill battles, however, Anthony claims it makes all the difference by being the most prepared candidate in the room. Toma grants a valuable learning opportunity through six specific tips regarding networking, education, headshots, consistent audition appearances, realistic expectations, and most importantly, seeking out others for help.

Within this article, Anthony Toma details each one of these aspects intricately enough so that any aspiring actor or model can apply each tip to their current circumstance. In both industries, it’s significant to network. Networking can allot the ascension of more notoriety among your industry. A larger contact pool will also give you more people to reach out to when you have a question. Education holds importance at all levels. Toma suggests that there is no height to the amount of knowledge one can gain. Headshots are primordial for visual exposure and professional representation.

Regarding realistic expectations, it’s imperative to recognize that even a small opportunity could be a large one. Stay diligent. Don’t take any offer for granted. In order to find the highest level of success, you need to ask questions when you don’t have the answer yourself. You could try to figure it all out yourself, however, it would save a lot of time if you just ask somebody who has been in your position before, and succeeded. Nine9 is widely known as a “UnAgency” unlike any other talent agency, paying specific attention to the 99% that are currently unrepresented and distanced from due exposure. Nine9 is a beneficiary to any individual seeking professional assistance in launching an acting or modeling career.

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Flavio Maluf Increases Revenue in Business through the Application of Innovative Technology

Eucatex group of companies was established in 1951. This was the first Brazilian company that initiated the use of eucalyptus for production. The company has been in operation for approximately more than six decades. Through the experience it has amassed for decades, Eucatex has initiated an admirable level of management that executes accessibility by providing building materials for clients. In Brazil, Eucatex group of companies is considered to be a leading innovative company that initiates the proper use of natural resources for production. For all products manufactured by the company, there has always been a high-level use of advanced technology for high-quality goods production. Since the company utilizes eucalyptus for production, it has been branded as an environment-friendly manufacturer. A rule to the mission statement of Eucatex indicates that for every tree the management cuts, it plants two trees as a symbol of environmental conversation.




When Eucatex was established in 1951, Brazil had a few legislations concerning the utilization of trees to build businesses. Most companies, therefore, cut trees as a means of earning a source of income. While clients were not a part of the fiasco, Eucatex took it upon itself to ensure that the environment was safe for the society. Through that, the environment was safe for Brazilians. Eucatex extended its environment safety measures through actively participating in conservation campaigns. With the leadership of Flavio Maluf, the chief executive officer of the company, Eucatex has been considered the largest and best producer of insulation materials and liners. Currently, the company is regarded as a leading leadership provider through excellent management. Through the leadership structure, Eucatex is set to be the world’s best service and products provider.


Maluf’s Profile


Maluf is a successful business professional hailing from Brazil. He joined Eucatex in 1987 as a trade area manager. In 1996, he shifted to the industrial department. His charisma and determination in excelling contributed to his elevation to the presidency in 1997. Maluf has been a great company streamliner. He encourages the use of technology to develop business. From his entrepreneurial articles, it is evident that Maluf vouches for the benefits of using technology to generate profits.




Igor Cornelsen: A Source Of Accurate, Timely Investment Advice

According to Brazilian investment maven Igor Cornelsen, if you want to make money in Brazil, you must begin investing early, diversify your portfolio, invest for the long term and drop losing investments immediately. He also recommends getting guidance from someone that is knowledgeable of the local economy and markets. For many years no one has been more adept at anticipating the movement of the Brazilian economy and the emergence of great companies in which to invest than Cornelsen. He has been a cottage industry onto himself when it comes to providing accurate tips to investors.


Widely acknowledged as one of the best and most knowledgeable investment advisors Brazil has ever produced, Cornelsen is considered a national treasure in Brazil. For generations he has been the one investment advisor people can depend on to accurately anticipate what the stock markets and economy in this South American country was going to do. While many acknowledge that his background working with some of the country’s biggest businesses gives him a unique understanding few can rival, others say he is simply in tune with the heartbeat of Brazil and understands the people and what they are going to do.


No matter where Igor Cornelsen gets such accurate knowledge of the Brazilian markets and economy, he’s used it to make many investors very successful. Even today when he spends most of his time playing golf, people still reach out to him for guidance when they are considering investing in Brazil. Cornelsen provides that advice through the Bainbridge Investment Group. And based on the excitement the company is generating, Cornelsen’s investment tips are as accurate as ever. He still as a knack for knowing what the Brazilian economy will do and which companies will excel.


Many people say his investment rules have enabled them to succeed in markets all around the world. They point to his investment advice to Burger King as evidence his knowledge of investment isn’t limited to Brazil. They also see his success in guiding investors in the global commodities and emerging markets as evidence of his vast understanding of global investment principles.



Donald Trump Has Made it Easy for Late Night Television Hosts

Donald Trump has been a popular topic of late night TV show hosts so far this calendar year. The current President has done a few things that he promised prior to election, but his showings with politicians of other countries have proved terrible throughout his short tenure. The most popular topic of recent is how Donald Trump’s son-in-law helped him cover up communicating with Russian agents.


Lil Yachty was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of the Mercedes Bend music tour and performed a new song, which seemed to be a hit per the audience. Snoop Dogg was on a few weeks ago, in which he made a sizable donation that drew in hundreds of others from viewers around the United States. Jimmy’s son has been sick, as must of us know, however, Kimmel has been at his comedic best the past few weeks, which is brought to full potential with United States government officials doing so many news worthy things.


A senator from Louisiana that had mentioned a Jimmy Kimmel Rule on another TV show about how health care was getting expensive and there were not sufficient health care programs for low income people in the United States. The senator brought attention to how our health care system in the United States can be changed if everyone were to contact their local politicians and complain about the health care program of today. Jimmy Kimmel Live starts again next Monday, back with hot information about Donald Trump’s leakings.


Richard Mishaan Design Creates Extravagant Library for The Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show

1d41488acf9ac76a5435477ec29f0b1cMishaan Design is one of the most influential interior design firms in the nation and around the world. The firm’s latest creative and artistic work, in 2017, is for the Kip’s Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House. Founder, Richard Mishaan is the creator of the grand library room showing, held from May 2nd to June 1st. Haute Living reported, on May 6th, that his inspiration comes from the rooms crafted for historic families in Venice and Florence. Mishaan has travelled to many countries designing interiors for hospitality, residential and hospitality clients.

The grand salon/library for the Boys and Girls Club Mishaan designed features treasured items and wall covering with Fortuny fabrics. Silk velvet in animal print, cords, and woven tap were used to create the room’s backdrop of layered color. The wall resembles a room seen in the Palace of Topkapi with a touch of oriental art and a contemporary painting by artist Walton Ford. Mishaan said his discipline and academic knowledge of historical designs helped him to achieve the extravagant room. He says his creative library room can be used for entertaining guests or as a study.

Richard Mishaan has more than 25 years of expertise in the interior design industry serving businesses, hotels, and homeowners. Since establishing Richard Mishaan Design, he has created marvelous works for hotels, including St. Regis, Shelborne, and the Marriott. His first hotel design was for a presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel, in New York City, and soon after, other suites for brands. Mishaan says the next big trend in hospitality design in the future is an experience of the club-style hotel, in a NY Design Agenda interview.

Richard Mishaan was born in Columbia and attended Columbia University School of Architecture. He relocated to the United States and earned a bachelor’s degree from New York University. After receiving his degree, he worked as an apprentice for Phillip Johnson focusing on fashion, interior design, and architecture. Mishaan is an author of two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.95cc4e89edfb07ccf269f4361fde09b8

Greg Secker, an Expert Forex Trader

The founder of the Knowledge to Action group, Greg Secker, doubles up as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and master in trade among others. He was born on February 18th, 1975. Relating his past and childhood with partial boredom and opportunity, he worked for a large asset management bank and just after returning from the United States, he had time to concentrate on his business.

Greg says that he wanted to be an inspiration to people and therefore started to teach and motivate them by sharing the ideas that he had. This turned from just mere inspiration to a deep passion, rather obsession, and after thorough analyzation of the market, he realized that there was a lot of misrepresentation of the truth and inadequate teaching systems. With this in mind, Greg Secker came to realize that those who underwent mentorship and training were more productive than the ones who were not trained.

Secker, in 2003, founded the Knowledge to Action group which is inclusive of several other companies amongst them; Learn to Trade, Smart Charts Software, Capital Index, and FX Capital among others. This is evidence that Greg is passionate and committed to better other people’s lives through training, education, and support.

Background Information

Greg Secker is a well known English business man currently residing in London, United Kingdom, with interests ranging from fitness, coffee, and sports. He came into the lime light for his international education of financial trading and prowess in foreign exchange. He is a graduate of the University of Nottingham where he studied Agricultural and Food Sciences.

Secker has three children. He began as a trading technologist in the mid-1990s at Thomas Cook Financial Services, and in 1998 he got an award for innovation in e-commerce. He became Vice President at Mellon Financial Co-operation at the age of 25 years and later retired in 2003 to pursue forex trade.

Secker is also known for several books that he has published, including Trading Your Way to Success and Freedom Through Forex among others. Being the CEO and founder of the Greg Secker Foundation which is a non-profit organization, he has been able to contribute to the improvement of sectors like education in addition to enhancing leadership and life skills in communities. He is actually among those in the list of “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs” for 2017!

Andrew Rolfe Finds New Ways To Give

Throughout the history of our societies, there have always been those individuals who are willing to step up to the daunting task of helping out their fellow man during times of unforeseen crisis. Though our name for these selfless individuals varies, some may prefer to call them good Samaritans, philanthropists, activists, or simply just good human beings, their actions are always the same. They act outside of their own interest to help those who need assistance most during trying times.


These individuals make up the backbone of many the efforts organized across the world that try to combat the effects of the crisis and bring better qualities of life too often forgotten regions and people. The work done by these individuals and the non-profits that organize their efforts are instrumental in providing relief to people that are unable to find help whether due to environmental disasters, failings within the machinations of their government’s own assistance programs, conflicts that spill over borders, ensures that no matter the problem, someone is willing to step in.


The Ubuntu Fund and Andrew Rolfe Envision a Better Future for Charitable Organizations and Non-profits


As these tireless individuals set out to make the world a better place, a task inherently difficult beyond imagine, they face obstacles of every possible imagination but far too often the greatest hurdle in helping is put in place by well-meaning donors.


Restrictions set in place with funds given by donors were initially intending to ensure that the donation would not be misused, though this has led to several times when the best step forward was often blocked by donor requests.


For this reason, Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board at the Ubuntu Fund have decided to change the way non-profits operate by doing away with donor restrictions placed on donations. A practice that will help the company utilize donations in a more effective way in terms of increasing exposure and reach.


If you would like to learn more about Andrew Rolfe and the good work being accomplished by the Ubuntu Fund, please visit


Most Common Orthopedic Procedures

Although orthopedic surgeons may use nonsurgical approaches in helping out their patients with certain conditions, orthopedic procedures basically involve the muscles and skeletons of the body. Technological advancements in the medical field have simplified orthopedic surgical procedures in several ways. Here are the common orthopedic procedures that require different treatment approaches.


Joint Replacement

When a patient has a previous diagnosis of severe arthritis and seeks increased range motion or pain relief, he or she requires to undergo a total joint replacement. The work of the orthopedic surgeon is to assess all the necessary joints that require replacement and use a naturally shaped metal or plastic surface to achieve realignment that will enable normal joint functioning.


Shoulder Replacement

A shoulder joint is very useful because it’s used most of the times. Even though the procedure may sound painful, when the orthopedic surgeon uses a metal or plastic implant to conduct a total shoulder joint replacement by replacing the damaged cartilage and bone, a patient can feel better over time. The idea is to improve the range of motion at the joint.


Spine Surgery

One of the main problems that may lead to a spine surgery is a severe back pain. When someone has a back pain, he or she cannot be able to perform some very simple but vital day-to-day tasks.


Spinal Fusion is a common back surgery procedure that can enable a patient to regain physical activity and general productivity. During this procedure, the orthopedic surgeon will join spinal bones, called vertebrae, together to restrict stretching of nerves and movement between the spine bones.

Renown Health’s Expansion and Their Effect on Northern Nevada

The Summit Mall located in South Reno will soon be the home of Renown Health’s new branch. Primary care services and a lab will be onsite with the possibility of expanded services in the future. Dr. McCormack is the groups medical director and explained in an interview they are trying to make the clinic comfortable and inviting. He wants people to be relaxed and feel at home.

The space is designed so more services can be added later including a conference room for staff. The company has decided to wait on any additions until they see where the healthcare market is headed. Due to Donald Trump’s impact there is some uncertainty. The facility does employ a staff of eleven and an additional primary care doctor and nurse practitioner will be added. The clinic covers 10,000 square feet and covers the same space as three stores.

The general contractor, architecture firm, structural engineer, interior designer, electrical engineer, plumbing and mechanical work were all performed by companies based out of Reno. This comprised over a dozen local contractors whose work was required for the completion of the facility. Renown currently operates twelve clinics specializing in primary care.

Renown Health is the only healthcare network in Reno that is on a non-profit basis and governed locally. Their earnings stay within the community and are used to fund programs to serve their community. Renown does not have to satisfy shareholders which enables them to serve their patients better. The Renown boards consist of 150 members directly from the community. Click here to know more.

Renown has developed a relationship with numerous partners in their community. Their visionary partners include Stanford Medicine, Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Hospital. Renown understands that the healthcare advances have made specialized resources and medical services necessary in their community. Their goal is to help the community in northern Nevada open the new doors required to thrive and grow.


The Education and Career of Andrew Rocklage

If you are looking for information about Andrew Rocklage, a businessman, entrepreneur and attorney from the Boston area, you’ve come to the right place. This article provides an overview of Rocklage’s educational background as well as his work experience. Although the Boston native started out in the sports management field, he now owns indoor trampoline parks in Florida. Given this information, you would probably assume that he is at least middle-aged. However, he is still a very young man. Rocklage has accomplished a great deal in his short life, and it will be interesting to see what he does in the future.


First, it’s important to note that Andrew Rocklage did very well in school as a child and teenager. In addition to taking advanced classes and excelling in his studies, he was active in many extracurricular activities. More than anything, Rocklage loved being involved in sports. He loved following his favorite local sports teams, but he especially loved playing sports himself. Thanks to his passion for sports, Rocklage has always led an active lifestyle, and he has managed to stay fit and healthy without too much trouble. This interest in sports also prompted him to look into the field of sports management as a career.


Early in his life, Andrew Rocklage figured that he would be happiest working in the sports industry. He never had any intentions of playing professionally; he was just fascinated by the industry and by how it works behind the scenes. For this reason, he applied to the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He earned a bachelor’s degree in sports management with a minor in economics in 2009. From all appearances, it looked like he was ready to embark on a successful career in sports management.


After completing an internship with Major League Lacrosse in public relations, Andrew Rocklage realized that this line of work may not be quite what he wanted after all. Rather than plunging into the business world at that point, then, he decided to return to school to earn his law degree. Friends and family weren’t surprised; he had always been a go-getter, and he was never one to sit back and skate by in life. He was accepted to the prestigious Suffolk University Law School, where he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 2013. After passing the bar, he officially became an attorney.


Like most people fresh out of law school, Andrew Rocklage took on a few entry-level positions to get the ball rolling, including as a legal consultant and as a law clerk. Eventually, he was hired by EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals as its corporate counsel. The work was right up his alley, and he enjoyed it in many ways. However, he knew plenty of people who owned their own businesses, and he envied the freedom and possibilities that they enjoyed. He was already tired of working for other people, and he had earned and saved enough money to try to strike out on his own.


Rocklage knew better than to try to come up with some unique business idea. Although he had a lot of experience working with startups thanks to his career in law, he didn’t want to saddle himself with that kind of burden. He had seen for himself how unreliable it often is to start a new business from scratch. Instead, he decided to look for opportunities to buy and run an existing business. He knew that owning a franchise of some kind might be the way to go, but he didn’t want to own a fast food restaurant.


Happily, Andrew Rocklage became aware of Sky Zone, a chain of popular indoor trampoline parks. He learned that the L.A.-based company operates completely off of a franchise model, so all of its locations are independently owned and operated. He knew already that there wouldn’t be any viable options in Boston, as the area was already home to a few Sky Zone locations. He started to investigate opportunities in other states, and that is how he learned about franchise opportunities in Florida. He found out that the company wanted to open a location in Daytona Beach. After researching the possibility, he decided to go for it.


It’s a good thing that Rocklage decided to because the Sky Zone that he now owns and operates in Daytona Beach has been very successful. Although it’s only been open since 2016, it already has a loyal base of customers, and it draws in new customers all the time. He loves running the trampoline park so much and has done so well with it that he bought a second location in Port St. Lucie, Florida, not too long ago. Even though he is still a young man, Andrew Rocklage has many accomplishments under his belt, and it will be interesting to see where life takes him next.