The Kabbalistic Teachings and Beliefs

About the Kabbalah Center International

The Kabbalah Center is an international non-profit organization with its headquartered located in Los Angeles, California. The Kabbalah Center provides Kabbalistic teachings and the Zohar courses online as well as through study groups and regional-based centers across the world. It was founded in the United States by Rev Yehuda Ashlag and Philip Berg in 1965 as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The institute has a multi-ethnic, international teachers offering online and offline training and guidance to all its students worldwide.

The traditional Judaism held that the mystery of Kabbalah was sophisticated and easily misunderstood by students, mostly males. As such, they would be discouraged from approaching the Kabbalah teachings with a strong Jewish background until after 40 years of wisdom according to the Mishnah. In fact, some traditionalists perceived the Kabbalah Center as a perversion of the old and mysterious tradition of Judaism. As a non-profit organization, the Kabbalah Center International is exempted from federal income tax.

Belief in astrology

The Kabbalah tradition asserts that astrology has been part of Judaism and that astrology was studied by the Jewish scholars throughout the middles ages. However, belief in astrology was opposed by some philosophically inclined thinkers like Maimonides. According to the Kabbalah traditions, cosmic forces affect everything and aspirants of Kabbalah should do everything within their capacity to understand them.


According to Yehuda Berg, a former teacher at Kabbalah Center, men should refrain from masturbating as sperms reproduced without sex does not serve its purpose. Furthermore, Yehuda Berg discourages men not to orgasm before women as it injects selfishness during the act of making love. Other Yehuda’s thoughts on sex are that men should not orgasm with the women positioned above them, as women draw energies from below instead of above and that people derive most light from sex that occurs after Saturday midnight. Click Here for Kabbalah News.

How Kabbalah Center relates to religion

According to Kabbalistic views, all widely held religious and spiritual beliefs reflects universal wisdom. As such, religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam resembles Kabbalah’s teachings. As such, Kabbalah presents itself as a supplement to other faiths and not as an alternative. for more.


Oliver Stone Defends Putin On Stephen Colbert’s Show

Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone went on Th eLate Show With Stephen Colbert recently to promote his new documentary and got more than he bargained for.


The four-part documentary -The Putin Interviews- will air on Showtime in one-hour blocks. Stone has spent two years following Russian President Vladimir Putin and has cobbled together a four-hour documentary from over 20 hours of tape.


The problems started right away when Colbert plays a short clip of Stone interviewing Putin. In it, Stone asked Putin if he had interfered with the eUS Presidential election. To which Putin responded that Russia would never interfere with another country’s elections.


Instead of asking any sort of follow up question, Stone merely says, “Thank you, sir. We’ll see you tomorrow.”


Colbert then pressed Stone and asked why he failed to ask a follow-up question. Stone’s only defense was the, “you have to be polite.”


At this point, derisive laughter began to come from the audience. Colbert then told Stone that with the lack of a follow-up question, it was as if he had given Putin a platform to spread his propaganda.


Stone insisted that more hard-hitting questions would come in the fourth hour of the documentary and that the audience would simply have to watch in order to see him question Putin more forcefully.


Olver Stone has long been a defender of the freedom of speech, so it seemed odd to Colbert that he would take it easy on Putin, who has jailed opposition journalists and is alleged to have had opposition politicians murdered.


To that, Stone replied that Putin is merely a “social conservative.” At this point, the audience broke out in more laughter. To which, Stone replied, “I don’t know why you’re laughing.”


“Because it seems like a mild description”, Colbert informed him.


It remains to be seen if Stone does, indeed, ask Putin harder question later on in the interview. But one thing is certain, he has certainly drummed up some interest in his new documentary.


The Creation And Unique Attributes Of MB2 Dental

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a dentist with a practice in Forth Worth, Texas. He also has offices in Corpus Christ, Texas, Carrollton, Texas and five additional locations. His specializes in general dentistry and has nine years of experience. Dr. Akhil graduated from the University of the Pacific with a B.S. in Biology. He later attended the Arthur A. Dugoni school of Dentistry. He is interested in managing the business aspects of dentistry and he accomplishes this through MB2 Dental. This gives him the required time to handle the processes needed at the backend. Most dentists run their own business and this can cause hardships. MB2 is an incredible help to dentists but they have to meet certain requirements to join the network. MB2 Dental offers human resource management and employee payroll management services. They help practices with low patient numbers, assist with procurement and make affordable dental equipment available.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental as an active practitioner. He combined the best possible aspects of corporate dentistry and sole practitioners. The company supports seventy affiliated locations and has achieved success. MB2 Dental was created to provide support, autonomy and growth to practicing dentists. When Dr. Villanueva graduated dental school there were only two choices available for dentists. They could begin a private practice or join a large existing practice. MB2 has created a platform that combines the best of both choices. Dr. Villanueva is excited by the difference modern technology is making in dentistry. He admits if he could start over he would have created MB2 Dental a lot sooner and he has learned it took resilience, character and strength. He believes success begins when the center of your practice is integrity.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva realized quickly MB2 Dental had to be about people and not software, marketing ideas or real estate. He admits these things are important but knows the dentists, doctors and patients must be the first priority to provide the highest quality of service. This philosophy is what gives MB2 Dental the ability to combine the benefits of private and group practices. At one point in time Dr. Villanueva and several colleagues decided they wanted to open a pizza restaurant and become world famous chefs. Since the restaurant was usually empty they decided their pizza probably was not anywhere near as good as they originally believed. The also realized they were far better dentists than chefs. Learn More.

Betsy DeVos- A Lifetime of Giving Back

For more than 30 years, Betsy DeVos has dedicated her time and money to producing educational change. DeVos has worked tirelessly to help form a nation where every child has the ability to receive a quality education. Along with her family, DeVos has made a tremendous impact on the educational system. She recently spoke with Philanthropy Roundtable to share some insight into why she is so passionate about this cause.

DeVos recalls an event that took place when she was a young mother that was a catalyst for much of her philanthropy. Visiting the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan, DeVos became very inspired. DeVos witnessed many children who came from families that were working hard just to get by. The dedication of their parents to give their kids a quality education was quite moving to DeVos. Over the years she would visit the Potter’s House many time and chose to help several students with tuition assistance. Follow Betsy on Twitter

DeVos was making an impact but she had a great desire to do much more. Along with her family, she began to seek out ways to make even more change. Her husband got involved by being elected to the State Board of Education in Michigan. Betsy herself decided to begin a scholarship fun to help even more children receive a quality education. DeVos also began working with a number of charitable organizations. Two groups in particular were quite notable. DeVos worked with Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. Both of these groups focused on vouchers to help produce more educational choices. DeVos’s worked in Florida on a tax-credit scholarship program. As a result of this program Florida had the nations longest period of broad educational choice.

Today Betsy DeVos has a position that allows her to produce more change than ever before. DeVos currently is the U.S. secretary of education. This position is the pinnacle of a career dedicated to a common cause. As a child DeVos watched her mother work as a public school teacher. Feeling inspired she would eventually mentor at risk students as a young adult. She spent more than a decade doing this work. Before her current position DeVos worked as as chairman of The Windquest Group, investment management firm. She has worked in partnership with Kids Hope USA, and Mars Hill Bible Church. All of this experience and work has helped to prepare DeVos for her current and important role as secretary of education. Her track record is evidence that she is passionate about what she does and will be dedicated to the cause. Visit to know more about their foundation.

James Comey Testimony Provides Late Night Humor

Political events have been providing late night talk show hosts with funny jokes as long as the medium of TV has existed. Therefore, it should not come as a shock that the  testimony of former FBI chief James Comey has drawn the attention of all the biggest names in late night TV. Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien and James Corden provided their take on the critical testimony which could have a huge impact on the presidency of Donald Trump. What is interesting is the way that these late night hosts go about writing jokes about big stories in the political world.


All of the late night TV shows have large staffs of professional comedy writers who are paid to make their bosses funny on a nightly basis. The procedure about how these writers come up with material varies depending on the show. However, their procedure regarding huge stories like the Comey hearing is remarkably the same. All of the late night shows have several writers assigned to watch the hearing in its entirety. The writers were instructed to take notes about anything that could potentially be used for jokes. After the hearing is complete, those writers have a meeting to throw around ideas for funny monologue jokes or bits that can be used later in the show.


At some point, the rest of the writing staff is brought into he equation to see if they can add anything to what he first group of writers have come up with. Conan O’Brien has said that he wants his writers to always collaborate because one person can come up with a solid premise that other writers can build on. Writers who always work alone will never have the benefit of other writers making their material even funnier. Jimmy Kimmel says that his writers feed on the pressure of having to come up with topical jokes on a nightly basis. He loved their Comey material.




Katy Perry Recently Squashed the Swift Beef, but What about Eddie Cibrian?

Katy Perry has finally squashed her beef with Taylor Swift, an ongoing feud rooted as deeply as three years ago. Taylor Swift initiated bad relations between the two in 2014 after she released the song “Bad Blood.” The country song had mentioned a former friend, assumed to be Katy Perry, “stealing” Taylor Swift’s backup dancers. That’s in quotations because their contact agreements stated the dancers were to be shared, but maybe there’s more to it than that.


Katy Perry had mentioned the fiasco on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” urging Taylor Swift to squash beef between the two. After all, the bad relations were in regards to only three backup dancers.


Perry spread news of the now-squashed beef on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global Podcast, posted just two days ago. The forgiveness comes two days after Perry released her new studio album Witness.


Drama has been stirring, yet again, between Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is alleged to have stalked her former husband Eddie Cibrian. While Cibrian and his current wife, LeAnn Rimes, were out on a date in Malibu at the famous Nobu restaurant, Glanville had showed up unannounced.


Glanville had received no invitation to go eat with the couple, having the nerves of steel to bring Eddie Cibrian’s two sons, Mason and Jake, along with her. It is reported that Brandi had viewed LeAnn Rimes’s recent Snapchats and social media posts to find out exactly where the current couple was going on a date. Drama is a long-standing issue between these two former lovebirds, expected to stop no time soon.


Felipe Montoro Jens Voices his Opinion on the Matter of Sanitation Issue in Brazil

Brazil is amongst the fastest growing countries in the world, and its economy has been growing exponentially in the past couple of decades. The living standards of the people have increased considerably, the unemployment rate has fallen, and the infrastructure of the country has improved significantly in the last few years. However, one of the problems that continue to affect the daily life of the people in the metropolitan areas as well as in the rural areas of the country is sanitation. The standard of sanitation in the country is still in the red, and even after many attempts by the government earlier to tackle the situation, it doesn’t seem to improve that fast.



However, the Brazilian Government has recently come up with a unique solution to fight sanitation issues, and have partnered with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development to provide concessions. The government feels that the funding provided through the grants would go a long way in empowering the local bodies to help fight the issue of sanitation. It would assist in saving water and aid with waste management considerably. Even the Ministry of Water came out in support of the government’s move to offer concessions.



Felipe Montero Jens is one of the most renowned infrastructure experts in the country and said that there are many modifications needs to be done in the strategy to tackle the issue of sanitation. According to his suggestions, it is essential to give part of the responsibility to the private sector. Felipe Montoro Jens said that the private sector has the sufficient expertise as well as the technology to cope with the increasing sanitation problems across the country, and with them handling the issue, the difference would be visible much sooner than when government bodies tackle the problem. Felipe Montoro Jens holds the global management degree from the reputed Thunderbird School of Management.



Comey Testimony Frequent Topic for Late Night Shows

One of the biggest news stories since the 2016 Presidential Election has been the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey. Just a few weeks after he was fired by President Donald Trump, Comey was given the opportunity to testify before a Congressional Grand Jury about recent rumors that members of the White House had been having direct conversations with Russian government officials.


While the testimony could potentially have very serious repercussions for a lot of different people, it also provided a lot of inspiration for jokes on the most popular late-night television programs ( In the few days following the testimony, all of the major late-night shows took a variety of jabs at him and his testimony. Some of the most notable came from Steven Colbert, who has also been in the news for getting into a recent public dispute with Donald Trump.


While the late night hosts keyed in on a lot of different comments made, the main take away had to deal with the fact that Comey did not find Trump to be trustworthy. Several of the hosts made light of the fact that Comey stated that his initial thought was that he needed to write down everything that Trump said during their private meetings. Comey also stated that he was involved in helping these notes become public record, which also led to a few different jokes to be made.


While it has now been five days since the testimony was given, it does not appear that the jokes will be dying down. There have continued to be a number of summaries of the live testimony by the late night hosts, as well as a number of popular sketch comedy shows.


Creating an Enabling Environment for People to Invest Wisely

People meet their investment goals when they invest wisely. This promotes financial freedom in the society. People stand to benefit if they are exposed to an investment professional who advises them accordingly. People make economic errors that are avoidable due to lack of investment management professionals. An individual seeks advice from an investment management officer achieves their investment goals faster than an individual who makes decisions blindly. People should embrace professional investment managers. Investment management involves making the right decisions at the right time with the right resources. Individuals who embrace this end up harvesting good returns. Investment professionals enable people to make right choices in the stocks, bonds, and shares markets.

The current method of investing is easy and simple as opposed to the past methods of investing. It needs someone who is informed. Managers also help individuals to manage long-term assets such as land. The land is an asset that appreciates. Understanding the rates in every area facilitates investors to avoid mistakes. This enables them to think about the losses and profits in order to arrive at the right decisions. It also enables one to make the right decisions despite the pressure that they may be undergoing.

Matthew Autterson is an investment manager. He helps people to achieve their goals regarding investing. Different people invest differently. People prefer some other methods to others. This is because everybody is not a risk taker. New investors are not treated as old investors. They invest differently from people who have been there and have learned from their mistakes. Matthew Autterson ensures that people are comfortable with their investment plans. He assures them that they will harvest the expected results within the given period. People should learn to embrace investment managers in order for them to develop economically.

End Citizens United’s Grand Match towards Big Money-Free Politics

Since its founding, End Citizens United has remained steadfast in its quest to rid American politics of big money businesses that have held politicians hostage with huge donations to their political campaigns. The political action committee primarily operating at the grassroots level has intensively campaigned for the overturning of the Citizens United‘s ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010, which allowed big businesses unlimited campaign funding. To achieve its desired goal, End Citizens United has adopted an aggressive fundraising initiative that has seen it garner up to $4 million for the first three months of 2017. These funds will be part of the PAC’s war chest for the upcoming 2018 midterm congressional elections in the United States where it seeks to exert greater influence and shape the future of the U.S politics.


The significant amount of funds raised so far by End Citizens United is part of the over $35 million in campaign funds the organization has projected to raise by the next election cycle. If the organization meets this target, it will be a remarkable improvement considering it raised over $25 million during the last election period in 2016. Even more impressive was the 40,000 first time donors who had contributed during the first quarter. This made up close to 40 percent of the donors so far. The funds will be used primarily to finance the campaigns of politicians with reform-oriented policies. End Citizens United has so far thrown their weight behind candidates such as Senator Sherrod Brown, Jon Ossoff and Senator Jon Tester. These are Democratic Party candidates vying for elective posts in states with Ossoff seeking to fill the vacant Congressional seat in Georgia in a special by-election. Its aggressive approach also includes partnering with over organizations to push through their agenda. Additionally, the organization ensures that no single donor can donate over $5,000.


Organizational Profile


Founded in 2015, End Citizens United has been on the front row to challenge the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United in 2010. The organization primarily receives donations from grassroots donors who believe in their cause aimed at pushing for a reform of the current U.S election campaign financing laws, which give big businesses to influence the electoral process in the country. To overturn the ruling that entrenched the ‘corporations are people’ ideology, End Citizens United actively finance the campaign ads for various candidates, which it believes will implement the right policies that will undo the disastrous effects if the 2010 landmark ruling.


End Citizens United has therefore brought on board highly experienced individuals who have extensive experience in matters elections. The Washington, DC-based organization is currently headed by Tiffany Muller who serves as the president and chief executive officer. It has adopted a multi-tiered leadership system that allows for efficiency and effective delivery of services and its core objective.