Disney Is Making A New Deal In The Industry

The Walt Disney Company is in the process of closing a deal that is worth approximately 60 billion dollars. This deal will be made with Fox, and this will allow the Walt Disney Company to take over certain property that is currently owned by Fox. This property includes studios, television channels, movies, current projects, and even actors and actresses.

This deal is expected to be made official by Thursday morning. Last minute details are being worked out by a massive amount of lawyers. The real problem is with the television programs that are operated by Fox. Fox is willing to give up certain channels, but certain channels they are not willing to give up.

Representatives from the Walt Disney Company stated that they are planning to conduct some serious changes with assets they are purchasing. For starters, Disney is going to have several new shows added to the Fox sports channels. These channels are expected to depict sports that are geared more towards a younger demographic. Another big change will be made the way movies are made. Disney is planning on hiring an entire animation team to work on future Fox films.

Comcast was involved in this deal for a while. They were going to pay part of the 60 billion, and Disney was going to pay the rest. Over the last 72 hours, Comcast decided to back out of this deal, but the Walt Disney Company has no problem with that. Additionally, the Walt Disney Company hopes this deal will cause the Disney stock to rise.

Kevin Smith Loved “Infinity War” Trailer

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer has finally been released, and geek icon Kevin Smith apparently loved it as much as everybody else did.

In a tweet, he said “Yes, I cry at everything. But this? This has me bawling with joy. It truly lives up to the word @Marvel! Look at that clusterfuck of heroes! Take every penny of my money!”

Smith is mostly known as a filmmaker, but also podcasts and writes comics himself, and in general comments on all geeky pop culture. Many see him as a good, unbiased source of information about the quality of various products.

For example, he also recently gave praise to the new DC Extended Universe film Justice League, which has been underperforming at the box office and been slammed by most critics, though it has a significantly better audience score on Rotten Tomato.

In contrast, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been generally receiving broad approval from both critics and audiences, and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film—set for release on May 4, 2018—is what the entire franchise has been building toward, with every hero working together to stop the evil Thanos from destroying the universe.

Despite having a working relationship with DC Comics (having directed a few episodes of their “Arrowverse” TV series) and the company’s fierce rivalry with Marvel, it is nice to get a reminder from high-profile fans like Smith that people can like both companies.

‘The Tonight Show’ Continues to Languish, as Jimmy Fallon Steers Clear of Trump Jokes

Most late night talk shows have earned ratings spikes for continuously launching jabs at President Donald Trump. In fact, only one late night talk host as avoided the topic altogether and that may be just why Jimmy Fallon is bombing with his duties as host of The Tonight Show. As ratings continue to drop, it seems Fallon is dropping the ball, as far as giving viewers what they want from their late night entertainment.
Where are The Tonight Show’s Viewers Going?
A glimpse at the recent ratings numbers doesn’t just show that Jimmy Fallon is losing viewers, but also indicates where those audiences are migrating. It seems Stephen Colbert is drawing Fallon’s viewership to his late night talk program, The Late Show, and that may have something to do with Colbert’s own rhetoric. While Jimmy won’t bash the U.S. president on his show, Colbert doesn’t hesitate to poke fun at Mr. Trump.
The strategy must be working, because The Late Show has maintained the number one spot in the ratings game, since Donald Trump won the election. Additionally, Colbert’s ratings continue to rise.
As for The Tonight Show, audience numbers have dropped by 21% since September, suggesting Jimmy’s hands-off policy on President Trump jokes is failing. In promoting the show, NBC continues to boast that The Tonight Show remains to be the first choice for viewers aged 18 to 49, but it may not be long before even that claim can no longer be asserted. If Jimmy Fallon can’t pull ratings back up, even if that means resorting to presidential parodies, it may not be long before The Tonight Show drops to dead last.

Ed Sheeran Receives an Unexpected Response From New Zealand’s Prime Minister

While promoting his upcoming shows in New Zealand, Ed Sheeran recorded a short video for ZM radio station. Sheeran’s Divide tour will come in March 2018. Sheeran is so popular in the country that his five tour dates sold out within two hours of tickets going on sale. In the video, Sheeran greets Kiwis and says though he’s “not yet a citizen of New Zealand,” he’s “working on it.” Sheeran then makes a plea to New Zealand’s new prime minister to “hook” him up.

Sheeran is a known fan of New Zealand (just not the chocolate) and spent a portion of his year-long break from the music industry traveling the country. He’s also publicly spoken of his plans to be a tourist on the South Island, saying he wants to visit Lake Wakatipu.

Sheeran received an unexpected reply to his citizenship plea. Sheeran’s original video caught the eye of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and she, in return, recorded her own message via ZM radio station for Sheeran. In the video, Prime Minister Ardern responds to Sheeran by asking important questions, such as “Do you like Pineapple Lumps,” (an iconic Kiwi candy) and “Are you willing to wear jandals (flip flops) in semi-inappropriate situations?” Finally, she questions “Are you willing to make New Zealand your home?”

Sheeran has yet to reply to Prime Minister Ardern’s inquiries.

Jimmy Fallon Loses His Footing

When Jimmy Fallon first took the reins at his late-night TV show, it definitely seemed as if he held a monopoly on young viewers. Indeed, writers for other late-night hosts lamented his popularity and complained about his “prom king” brand of humor. His partnership with The Roots band and innate musicality, however, won loyal viewers every night. This, however, is no longer the case. Within the past few days, it has become abundantly clear that Fallon’s show is hemorrhaging viewers. In fact, industry insiders seem to think that Jimmy Kimmel may possess the power to overtake Fallon in next year’s rating. For those who witnessed Fallon’s meteoric rise, this is very surprising news. And some are speculating that Fallon’s seemingly cozy relationship with Donald Trump may be why.

It was a segment to remember. In the midst of Donald Trump’s bombastic presidential campaign, he stopped by Fallon’s show. During the interview, Fallon reached over to ruffle Trump’s hair. And it is this moment that many Fallon critics tag as the moment when the late night host’s behavior crossed over into normalizing Trump’s rhetoric. For many Fallon fans, it was difficult to separate the intense political situation from his show. When Fallon went on record to claim that he wasn’t political at all, somehow his pleas fell on deaf ears and his show’s ratings continued to drop.

Obama Appears on Kimmel

Although President Obama hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight recently, he did make time to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night television show. Of course, this wasn’t just any show; it was Kimmel’s third year of hosting a benefit to help those struggling with HIV/AIDS. This RED fundraiser not only contained a message from the 44th president, but it also boasted several segments that promoted products related to the RED line. If consumers purchase these products, then the proceeds go to programs that assist people who are struggling with these diseases.

Although the subject matter was very intense, Obama managed to make his delivery of the message extremely palatable and easy to digest. The segment seemed to be surprise, as the audience reacted with cheers as soon as they saw the former president pop up on the screen. Cheekily, Kimmel referred to the next guest as an “unemployed” gentleman. After making a jab about Twitter feeds, Obama went on to share some surprisingly uplifting statistics. With death rates being slashed by lifesaving medication and with more than 50 percent of people who suffer from the disease taking the right drugs to keep the negative effects at bay, it would appear that the advocacy is working. Obama used his finely tuned sensibilities to speak to the audience in a way they would prefer, driving his points home while wishing everyone a happy holiday. Indeed, it was one of Kimmel’s merriest shows in recent memory.

Bono Channels Sinatra on Kimmel

On Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the legendary singer channelled the late great Frank Sinatra by performing “One for My Baby”, with some help from Coldplay’s Chris Martin and actor Sean Penn.

On an episode devoted to raising money and awareness for Bono’s AIDS organization (Red), Bono sang the 1943 classic in an in-studio bar, to a partially hidden bartender, who surprises the audience when he turns out to be Sean Penn.

The performance began in black and white, with the exception of a single red martini glasse. but it turned to color upon the end of the second chorus. It is then that the camera revealed that the piano player is Chris Marin. Martin afterward sang the next verse before Bono returned to finish the song.

This is not the first time Bono has been involved in a Sinatra project. Back in 1995 for the album Duets, he sang with the famous crooner on a rendition of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”

Bono also sat down for an interview with Kimmel later in the show, and the two discussed Bono’s efforts in combating AIDS in Africa. (Red) so far has provided medicine to more than 20 million people around the continent.

This was the third annual show to benefit (Red), and it included a videotaped message from former President Barack Obama.

Jimmy Fallon Can’t Keep Pace in Late Night Environment

Just a year ago, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was dominating the late-night television landscape. Fallon’s fun-loving, game-playing persona meshed with people looking for an escape from real life. Viewers, especially in the youngest demographic of 18-to-49-years-old, enjoyed watching the most famous celebrities acting silly and having fun for their benefit. Once the Trump election and presidency took over, though, that has not been the case.

CBS’ Stephen Colbert used his political satire and biting comedy to give the public what it was looking for in this new environment. He continually cut into Fallon’s ratings lead month after month before ultimately overtaking the NBC man. Now, in the fall of 2017, Colbert is dominating late night, and Fallon is at risk of falling to third place behind ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel takes after Colbert with his political commentary and desire to address head-on the issues of the day. He has no fear going after Trump or politics, and viewer data continues to prove that’s what the television public wants.

Colbert has burst past Fallon and is now averaging 3.7 million viewers per night during November. Fallon and Kimmel sit far behind, averaging 2.6 million and 2.4 million viewers respectively per night. Fans of the NBC funny man point out that he still holds the overall lead in the main advertising demographic (18-to-49), but that lead is consistently slipping away as well. In addition, none of these shows skew very young. Fallon’s average viewer age is 56 years old. Late night is not a young man’s game.

Seth Meyers and His Family Link Up to Tell Old Stories

With some comedians, their talent comes out of thin air. With Seth Meyers, it is very obvious that he hails from a funny family. Recently, Seth’s parents and brother sat down to chat with him on his TV show. Somehow, the fantastic foursome got around to telling a tale about Josh’s pet rabbit from when he was little. Named Petey, the rabbit was a big part of Josh’s life. Unfortunately, one day, Petey was discovered in a state of “rigor mortis,” as the senior Mr. Meyers explained it, hilariously imitating the doomed rabbit’s position. However, it was what happened next that makes this a classic Meyers family story.

In fact, it turns out that everyone in the Meyers family is uncomfortable around dead things—everyone, that is, aside from Seth. The nine-year-old was promptly tasked with the responsibility of burying Petey. During a freezing cold New England winter day, he went outside and created a funeral for the pet. Not only did he put down a headstone for her to soothe his grieving brother, but he also informed the family that the rabbit’s body had been placed in an area that would not be walked over by others. However, as he revealed on his show, there were certain inaccuracies about the rabbit funeral that would only come to light during a family dinner just a few years ago.

Neurocore a path to relief from depression

Are you one of the 350 Million people that struggle with depression? Are you lost, confused, looking for help but don’t know where to find it? Neurocore is a small but dedicated research and development company for treatments involving stress, anxiety, depression and much more for both adults and children.

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Because each person is unique and has their own set of unique problems the process for treatment and research should also be unique and customizable to every individual. Neurocore is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones get through the difficulties that mental disorders like these can cause.

There is no single reason for depression, it can be a lot of things especially if you’re under a lot of stress. Depending on how long and to what degree you experience depression can influence, widely, the kind of depression you may experience from Major Depression to Season Affective disorder. Symptoms are also not always obvious they can be as simple as fatigue to as complex and difficult as fatigue, irritability, and more. Depression can actually manifest itself physically through headaches, stomach problems, and other symptoms as well. There is one suicide every 12.3 minutes in the United States and is a leading cause of disability for people between the ages of 15 and 44. Follow Neurocore on twitter.com.

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