Dr. Mark McKenna – Founder & CEO of OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is a United States-based licensed medical doctor and a surgeon. Dr. McKenna has more than three decades of professional experience working for better business reviews in a manner that is not capacitated in the industry. For those who need advanced business solutions when it comes to the medical industry, Dr. McKenna is a leader. Dr. McKenna is also one of the few doctors who has always upheld their medical practice with diligence and capacitated activations. For this reason, his reputation has always gone beyond his achievements in the medical world. This also denotes his leadership position in the industry.

Dr. McKenna is a medical doctor and surgeon based in Florida. Dr. McKenna also sits as a board member of the Florida State Medical examiners Board. Dr. McKenna is also considered one of the most dedicated community servants and a passionate medical advocate. He has also dedicated his life towards advocating for the rights of the less fortunate in the industry who cannot afford basic medical services. Dr. McKenna emanated from New Orleans when he found out business in Florida was booming in the medical industry. For this reason, he decided to extend his services to the state. After completing his medical education from the University of Florida, Dr. McKenna founded the McKenna Venture Investment Company based in the United States. This was one of his first startups that have always amassed great benefits in the industry.

The venture Investment Company, since Dr. McKenna founded it, has worked to be one of the most sophisticated real estate companies in the world. Its success cannot be compared with other real estate companies in the industry. Dr. McKenna is also the CEO and Founder of the Universal Mortgage and Lending Company based in the United States. Because he has often activated better business values, Dr. McKenna has the best business model in the United States. Perhaps this is the reason why his services are adopted on a massive scale in the real estate industry. The Venture Investment Company has more than 50 employees. Few people can compare their levels of success with Dr. McKenna.

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Why Rodrigo Terpin Prefers the T-Rex as His Choice of Rallying Car

In his long car rallying years, Rodrigo Terpin recognizes the vitality of his choice car as T-Rex that has contributed to his immense success in the Brazilian Car Racing Competitions. Primarily, he intimates that it always a heroic feeling whenever you take driving a supercar that serves you enthusiastically as a rally driver whenever you are behind the wheels. Rodrigo highlights the various reasons why he instead prefers this model of car for his competitive needs through Brazilian rough and longer stretched roads, citing the following:

Modernity and High Performance

The T-Rex is simply a raw version of what high-performance vehicle coupled with sophistication presents to him as the driver. Primarily, the car boasts of no power steering and traction control. Combined with these automotive deliverables, it has no assisting radar, meaning that whenever he chases any ‘visceral connection,’ he gets it at disposal as it is closer to him. Visit Terra to know more.

T-Rex is Just Legendary

The car was put into the race only once in its initial sleek form, and as a legendary car with a sturdy chassis which is one of the best in the rallying sector. Over the years, Rodrigo Terpin has been upgrading the car bearing in mind that the car’s design is limited to 20 races beyond which the car proves inefficient to withstand the commitments that come with rallying.

It is Sophisticated with an Array of Magnificent Features

Away from the common limiting engine capacity and workability, the T-Rex is 1.8 liters with an inline-4, common 20 valves assuring the drivers of power and agility that comes with the commitments in racing. Additionally, Rodrigo’s T-Rex has a turbocharged engine, and that describes how advancing through the thick and muddy Brazilian roads becomes easier for the Bulls Sertoes Rally Team. It is worth noting that the car has a tricycle configuration that helps in checking the curb weights of the car which is limited at 1.8. Its 160 horsepower engine. The feature alone gives an assurance of an utterly great volumetric efficiency that sustains the car through the most difficult terrains and sharp curves and steep grades. You can search more about him on Goole.

Vincent Parascandola Accomplished Executive and Mentor

Headquartered in France, AXA Advisors is a global investment management and insurance company. The company operates in Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia. Founded in 1816, AXA Advisors ranks among the leading corporations that operate globally.

The firm offers solutions that enable family and businesses improve their financial situation and secure their future. Other than its business activities, AXA also supports social initiatives through the AXA Research Fund. They enable research on the environment and human life.

Vincent Parascandola serves as AXA USA’s Senior Executive Vice President. As VP, his roles include management, overseeing productivity, recruitment, and retention. Over the last twenty years, Vincent worked in the financial sector. He joined AXA in 2005 as the Executive Vice President of AXA Equitable. In 2008, Vincent served as the President of the Advantage Group of AXA Equitable. One year later, he became president of the Northern Division of the company till 2012. Vincent’s role at the time was to manage all the offices located in the Northeastern area of the USA including Hawaii and California. As part of his responsibilities, Parascandola led the human resource processes, talent development, training, and overall operations.

In 2013, he was appointed Chief Sales Officer and President of the Continental division of the company. At the time, he managed 46 branches in the country and was responsible for their productivity, sales, and profitability. Parascandola’s dedication to service, results, and growth led to his appointment as senior executive vice president. At AXA, he spends most of his time developing young financial professionals. He leads over 225 professionals.

Before AXA, he was an insurance agent with Prudential from 1988. While at Prudential, he became the National Rookie of the Year. Later in 1990, he moved to MONY Life Insurance Company where he served as the sales manager, managing director, and field vice president. From 1986-1988 he was a systems analyst at the Irving Trust Company.

Vincent has a degree in Computer Science from the Lubin School of Business, Pace University. He also has certifications from the SEC and complies with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority guidelines. Mr. Parascandola was chair of LIMRA Field Officers Committee. Read more on pocomuseum.org.

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Here’s What Avaaz is Trying to Block in News Media

21st Century Fox has owned 39% of innovative television service provider Sky for several years. The telecommunications giant is currently attempting to purchase the remaining 61% of Sky, which would provide Fox with total ownership. Avaaz, a civic rights organization operating in the public’s best interest, has recently requested regulating bodies in the United Kingdom to review the purchase.

Rupert Murdoch is a multi-billionaire, having established his name throughout business circles by purchasing and growing media groups. Avaaz has argued that Murdoch likely won’t be able to possesses an authorized broadcasting certificate because he owns so much media. Fox’s anticipated purchase of Sky is currently valued at a whopping $14.94 billion, or 12.7 billion Euros.

The United Kingdom’s culture secretary, Karen Bradley, is also considering further reviewing the purchase of Sky by Fox and owner Rupert Murdoch. Even further, Mrs. Bradley anticipates contacting the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to assist in evaluating the controversial deal.

Fortunately for Fox, Sky recently passed the fit and proper test, along with Murdoch and his international media conglomerate. However, it’s not hard to reason where Avaaz is coming from, as holding news media agencies accountable is easiest when the market is full of independent, competitive owners.

Avaaz has argued against the United Kingdom’s regulator of communications, Ofcom, saying the agency’s decree in favor of Fox and Murdoch was “fatally flawed by material errors of law, fact, and reasoning.” Avaaz has demanded a formal review of the transaction between Sky and Murdoch’s Fox.

Founded in New York City in 2007, Avaaz is unarguably one of the most sizable, recognizable rights advocacy organizations in the entire world. Avaaz was founded by a group of seven individuals, including current Executive Director Ricken Patel, alongside Res Publica, a popular communicatory service provider located in the midwestern portion of the United States.

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Roberto Santiago Positive News Article

Roberto Santiago Builds an Entertainment Hub at Paraiba- The Manaira Shopping Mall

Paraiba is one of the best states to live in Brazil. And, one of the things that make it that is the presence of the Manaira Shopping Mall. This Mall is owned by one successful businessman known as Roberto Santiago. He is oen of the biggest names in the business circle as he owns two of some of the largest mall in the country. The Manaira Shopping Mall was his first real estate development project. He started developing the mall when he was only 30 years.


When Roberto Santiago purchased a piece of land, in Joao Pessoa, in the year 1987 and starting developing it, he had no idea that it would come to be one of the best malls in the country. At the time, he had saved money from his cartonage business and decided to venture in real estate. His extensive knowledge about the country was instrumental in his decision. He knew that malls were the future of Brazil’s business and he went for it.


Back then, Roberto Santiago had gathered enough experience initially working at Café Santa Rosa as a waiter. Then, he left his job to start a cartonage business. It was here that he learnt how to manage a business and also save money. Also, his business administration degree, obtained from the University Center of Joao Pessoa, came in handy.


About The Manaira Shopping Mall

The Manaira Shopping Mall is famous for a lot of thing. One of the main attractions is the Domus Mall. This is the largest entertainment center in the area. It has a capacity of 10,000 people and is located on the roof top of the mall. The mall can be hired for all sorts of events including weddings and graduation parties. Also, it is used for exhibitions and cultural shows.


Another hub of entertainment is the gaming room. There is enough space, accommodating more than 200 gaming machines. Therefore, you don’t have to wait in line just to have some fun. And, if you love bowling, you are always welcome to the bowling alley.


For a romantic date, you can always come to the cinema. You can choose either of the three VIP cinema rooms. However, there are 8 more regular cinema rooms for you to choose from. The thing you are bound to love about the cinemas is the seating arrangement. With a stadium arrangement, you get the perfect view, regardless of your sitting position. Also, you get to enjoy a 3D cinema experience. And, what would be a better date than taking your loved one for a 3D movie in a cinema with a snack bar?


Jay-Z Breaks Record With 4:44 Album

An article by MTV discusses just how popular the latest Jay-z album has been since the initial release via Tidal, this is an important read for anyone that is interested in the art of music. If you are someone that has a specific interest in the charts, you probably know that Jay-z is one of the best selling artists of all time. However, if this is news to you, it is never too early to become knowledgeable in regard to the fact that Jay is one of the most popular artists ever to create music and offer his work to the world for purchase. His latest album titled 4:44 is his 14th project to debut on top of the Billboard top 200 charts, this means that Jay-z has broken his own record for the artist with the most number one debuts ever. So what is his secret to success? It may have something to do with his current beef with former friend Kanye West over Tidal exclusive content and supposed failure to make payment for that content. However, it more likely has to do with the unique ability that Jay-z has to change with the times and produce content that is compelling for years to come. His album 4:44 is deeply personal and discusses a variety of battles that he has experienced ever since he was young. In the music, you will also find his relationship with Beyonce to be something that talked about in detail. It is very likely that this album will expand your knowledge regarding the events that make up the life of Shawn Carter. Even if you have been listening to Jay-z for years, this album is likely to offer you some new insight. In fact, these reasons and more would be why this album is currently one of the most popular of 2017.

Late Night Television Is Shaking Things Up

It is interesting to see how late night television is changing. People are impressed with the way that Jimmy Fallon has made an awesome transition from SNL to late night television. He has been a true late night sensation that has become very important in the television scene. Still, Fallon is not at the top when it comes to seasons ratings because he got trumped by Stephen Colbert during the 2017 season. Much of this has to do with the great amount of talk about the Donald Trump campaign and presidency.

It appears that the American public just cannot get enough of the antics of Donald Trump. So many comedians and late night talk show hosts have made a habit of putting material together for Trump jokes, and this has allowed Colbert to win a big crowd. He may have been struggling with “The Colbert Report” before he came into late night television, but he has certainly because a lot more masterful in keeping his audience engaged with his new late night show format. There is a lot of praise for the work that he has been doing, and few people thought that he would be able to beat Jimmy Fallon in ratings.

To be fair, Colbert attracts a crowd of older adults. The playing field has been leveled with the addition of Stephen Colbert. Jimmy Fallon, with his diverse paint, The Roots, would play a big part in attracting a millennial crowd. It would be up to someone like Stephen Colbert to show up and build a late night platform that would appeal to an older crowd. He has been able to do this successfully, and it appears that Jimmy Fallon has competition. Late night television has officially been shaken up, and Stephen Colbert has been doing the shaking.

Conan O’Brien Takes His Show To San Diego Comic-Con

Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien is taking his late night talk show to the nerd-friendly San Diego Comic-Con this week and as you might expect, the shows have been filled with lots of unexpected moments.

On Wednesday, O’Brien spoke with Will Smith about the new movie “Bright,” as well as “Supernatural” stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Smith was joined by “Bright” co-stars Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry and director David Ayer. The movie, which premieres on Netflix in December, was described by Smith as having “the energy of Training Day meets Lord of the Rings.” The “Supernatural” discussion was predictably unstructured and it was topped off with the group celebrating Padalecki’s birthday with a traditional keg stand.

Thursday night’s show featured the cast of the new movie “Kingsman: The Golden Cirle,” and much of the talk revolved around the nicknames given to each other by the cast. The names were all names of drinks and Colin Firth said he was pretty happy with his nickname, “Tequila.” Co-star Jeff Bridges complained that he wasn’t pleased by his nickname, “Champagne,” and he asked everyone to call him “Champ.”

Firth also shrugged off questions about his character, who appeared to have died in the first Kingsman movie. Firth’s character, Harry, appears in the new movie’s trailer and Firth told O’Brien he continues to insist he only appears in the trailer. Singer Elton John also appears in the movie, although the assembled cast all claimed they had never met him in person.

O’Brien will wrap up his week at Comic-Con with interviews of the casts from “Game Of Thrones” and the “Lego Ninjago Movie.”

The Cathartic Lyrics of Chester Bennington

The music world is again reeling today after the loss of Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington, who was found deceased in his California apartment yesterday due to an apparent suicide. The rockers death comes just one month after the suicide of grunge icon Chris Cornell. Music itself is a well-known cathartic process and Chester made it well known in his lyrics and interviews about his struggle not only with depression and addiction but his traumatic experience with molestation as a child. His vocals would scream pain and agony over each melody but ironically his songs gave those who could commiserate with his afflictions – hope. Linkin Park magnificently walked the bridge of rock and rap effortlessly in their career, even collaborating with rapper Jay-Z to birth Collision Course – a 2004 EP mixing hit songs from both artists into singles. This 6 song experiment thrilled fans and skyrocketed to #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and even went on to win one of the highest honors in music – a Grammy, one of two awarded to the group during their reign. In a 2009 interview with Noise Creep, Chester discussed how his addiction lended itself to the band’s song “Crawling”, a near literal depiction of the emotional turmoil he experienced as a drug and alcohol addict. As battled recovery, fans were able to lyrically view his journey through each song and album released. His most recent song “Heavy” continued this trend. While Chester may be gone, his music and lyrics provided a voice to those who felt they had no way to express the darkness or sadness that often visits them. With his music, his fans will always have an opportunity to verbalize their pain through his lyrics and through that gift, his legacy will always live on.

How Goettl Air Conditioner Company provides solution to all weather conditions,

To save money during this summer period, you can use the following tips. You can choose to use a programmable Thermostat which allows you to set temperatures of your home depending on the time of the day and for each room.You can also check the vents of your house or room. When the vents are closed or dirty, it will become harder for fresh air to circulate into the chamber. Ensure that the vents are clean and open for the efficient functioning of your HVAC unit.

Additionally ,you can change the air filters of your HVAC system after every six months or monthly if you can. Clogged or dirty filters will block airflow and reduce the efficiency of your system. Changing the air filters can reduce energy consumption by 15%.You can block the sunlight in case your HVAC is located in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight inside your home can heat up your room and cause your unit to use more power.You need to keep both components of your HVAC system located inside or outside the building clean. This cleaning will enable the condenser fan to work more efficiently.

Moreover, use the ceiling fans. Since hot air rises, more heat will likely be near the roof. The ceiling fans will remove the hot air and help circulate the fresh air. Lastly, replaced your older HVAC units with newer HVAC models for more efficiency. Other services provided by the Goettl Air Conditioning Company include, air conditioning, heating, install and maintain heat pumps, sells, and installs thermostats among other services.

According to Review Buzz, Goettl Air Conditioning Company was founded in 1939 by the Goettl brothers in Mansfield, Ohio. They later moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to seek greener pastures. It then became an internationally recognized pioneer in the production of evaporative coolers. It provides cost effective air conditioners to match their customers’ needs. The services are available in Las Vegas, Tucson, Southern California and Phoenix areas. For more info, visit phoenix.goettl.com

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