Ozzy Says Goodbye To World Travel and Remembers His 40 Year Journey

John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne is the infamous rocker that people love to hate. While he can barely speak a plain word due to the overuse of drugs and alcohol for more than 40 years, he can still sing a song that will bring a tear to your eye.

Ozzy announced that he would no longer be touring. His next stunt, which will last about two years, will be his last. Though he is not quitting the music industry, he is not going to be touring for six months out of the year. He recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss his successful career and what has kept him going. During the midst of the conversation, he also mentioned the most bizarre thing he had ever experienced on the road.

Like most rockers, Ozzy feels the energy from the crowd, and he feeds on it. If people are not responding to him, he will throw buckets of freezing water on them. One night he will never forget. He was with a group of people that were not moving, clapping or doing anything. He felt like he was in the Twilight Zone as most fans get with the music. He called the manager of the stadium over to see what was wrong. After throwing buckets of icy water into the crowd, they still didn’t seem any more excited.

It appears the entire crowd was deaf. He was paid to put on a concert for people who couldn’t hear a word. The beauty is they felt his music through the vibrations in their feet. It was an event that changed him and how he viewed his music forever.

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