Oprah For President In 2020?

So unless someone was living under a rock or really tuned out of the social media world we all live in, the latest thing to talk about in celebrity news is the speech that Oprah made at the Golden Globes while accepting the 2018 Cecil B. DeMille Award. In her impassioned speech, Oprah called out all of the abusers and stated to young women that there is “a new day on the horizon”. After her emotional speech, many speculate that Oprah may be the answer for a Presidential candidate in 2020. But my question is why?

Because she is eloquent? She should be, Oprah has had many hours of practice, after all, she made her living talking, questioning, and giving impassioned speeches. Or is it because she a champion for women? That is true, but in an Instagram posting the singer, Seal posted pictures that were examples of Oprah’s long standing casual friendship with Harvey Weinstein stating that Oprah knew what kind person Weinstein was. Unfortunately, I and many other people would find this plausible, as Oprah is the type of person who would enter into a movement and endorse that movement for the good publicity.

I am not an Oprah hater, but a person who realizes that people are human. We all have backed the wrong person at one time, but I believe that we do not need another celebrity running for a political office, we need a leader who’s biggest interest is the people they represent. Us.

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