Omar Boraie’s Contribution To The Rutgers Cancer Institute Of New Jersey

In an effort to support the precision medicine industry at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, chairs are established. According to NJ Biz, this move shows the university’s commitment to enhancing and supporting genomic science. The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, named after a New Brunswick-developer, Omar Boraie, has been created. Omar has pledged $1.5 million towards this noble initiative. The Omar Boraie Chair is among the 18 chair challenge of Rutgers University campaign where an unidentified donor will give $1.5 million to match each chair, resulting to a total of $3 million endowment for each chair.

The industry of genomic science and precision medicine is looking to redefine the professional approach to cancer diagnosis and therapy. The new cause involves the analysis and treatment of tumors on a general level. This field will allow experts to prescribe personalized treatment for better results. President Obama announced the official launch of a nationwide Precision Medicine Initiative whose aim is to find cancer cure and other treatment for various diseases. While most cancer centers are focusing their research on next generation gene sequencing on tumors, Rutgers Institute has zeroed in on applying genomic sequencing as a front-line medicine approach to patient care. This information was originally mentioned on NewsWise as outlined in the following link

Genomic sequencing has played a pivotal role in establishing novel therapies for patients diagnosed with rare cancers, those with limited or ineffective treatment options of treatments, and poor prognoses. Success in precision medicine results in increased ability to categorize cancers into sub-populations with same characteristics but different genetics. This situation facilitates better prediction of patient outcomes and helps in identifying individualized cancer treatment. Sam Boraie was hopeful that his pledge would motivate other supporters to give and ensure the initiative’s goal is reached. The director of Rutgers Cancer Institute, Robert S. Dipaola, MD, praised Mr. Omar for his continued support of healthcare in New Brunswick. He added that Omar’s support will greatly impact the cancer research industry and treatment of patients beyond New Brunswick. Shridar Ganesan, MD, PhD was also named among the chairs. He is an associate director for translational science at Rutgers Cancer Institute. The institute is optimistic that it will live up to its goal of developing effective cancer therapies.



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