North American Spine Recently Covered on Good Morning Texas and WDRB

On July 1, WFAA Good Morning Texas featured a segment on the show about North American Spine. They discussed how the AccuraScope procedure worked for those with neck and back pain. Dr.Basem Abdelfattah discussed how the procedure works on the show and how it is used to treat back and neck pain. The host for this segment was Carrie McClure.

The AccuraScope procedure does not involve major surgery and is a minimally invasive procedure. This procedure takes less than one hour to perform so there are no overnight stays at the hospital. The procedure is generally performed in Dallas Texas. They use a small laser smaller than the tip of a mechanical pencil. Many patients come from other states to have this procedure done.

The AccuraScope is used for lower back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, bulging disks, bone spurs, and degenerative spine diseases. An incision is made in lower spine. A steerable catheter is inserted so the laser and camera can do the job. The procedure treats multiple layers of tissue and bone with less trauma to the body.

Many patients that have had the procedure say that the procedure relives the pain and they can get back to an active life. North American Spine doctors will diagnose each patient to provide the best treatment for their condition.

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