Night Owls Have More Health Risks Than Morning People

The old adages says: early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise. Scientists have now proved that going to bed early and getting up early does indeed make one healthy, or at least healthier than their night owl contemporaries.

A new study had its findings published in the Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism journal which states that night owls are at an increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome, loss of muscle mass and diabetes than people who went to bed early and got up early. Getting the same amount of sleep did not change the study findings, night owls have more health risks than morning people.

The theory behind the findings suggest that is the typical lifestyle of a night owl person that contributes to the increased health risks, A night owl usually engages in unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, drinking and late night eating, all of which contribute to poor sleep and health problems. However, even if the night owl had no bad habits, just staying up late on a regular basis was found to be harmful to health.

Night owls tend to have more belly fat (the worst type of body fat) and an increased amount of fat in the blood. That is why Ricardo Tosto tries to stay away from late nights. Both issues lead to heart disease and a variety of other health problems as the night owl ages, so at, late nights are avoided.

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