New York Plans to Raise the Minimum Wage in Fast Food Businesses

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has made plans to raise the minimum wage in fast- food eateries. The owners of the restaurants are not happy with the new plan. The owners like Susan McGalla say they are taking under consideration filing a lawsuit against Governor Cuomo’s Plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. Their view on the matter is that it is highly not fair and potentially not legal to burden the fast food industry with an increase in labor costs. They argue it is unfair, because the money won’t go towards child care, landscaping, retail, and any other jobs that don’t typically make high wages.
The McDonalds franchises in New York and other New York businesses express that the Governor is targeting the fast food franchises, and not addressing the other minimum wage industries. This will only hurt the New York Workers that don’t work in fast- food along with harming the companies. While the minimum wage for New York fast food employees raises to $15 dollars an hour the other minimum wage jobs remain at $8.75 per hour. There is arguments on both sides of the case. Statements that the minimum wage raising will aid New York citizens financially, and also arguments from the other industries in which the minimum wage does not get raise that is highly unfair. Yet, as of yet nothing has officially been done about the case.

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