NBC Turns Their Back on Bill Cosby

It’s been a tough week for Cosby. Though Janice Dickinson has made allegations before, today she comes out with a new spin on her story. A spin that makes Cosby look even more deceitful and even more of a monster than before according to former fans like Sam Tabar. He was planning a comeback and was in the beginning stages of a show that would be on NBC.

Today NBC pulled the plug and stated that the Cosby project is no longer in production. This announcement is just a day after the official announcement from Netflix that the special they had with Cosby will not be aired. Back in 1987, Cosby made $57 million dollars when his show was at its peak. What a change of events. Today, he can hardly find a job due to these allegations.

With stand-up routines, books, movies and of course the Jell-O commercials, Cosby has never wanted for money. When his show went into syndication it gave him tens of thousands of dollars a month. Now, the comedian may need money and a good lawyer to keep him out of jail. Still many fans think that his money has made him a target. People want money and seeing as how he has settled claims beforehand, they feel he is an easy way to get some dough.

However, the women state that their claims fell on deaf ears before, together they want justice. Cosby still refuses to speak against the claims made against him.

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