Nathan Lane Appears on Colbert

On Friday, comedian Stephen Colbert invited Nathan Lane to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about his recent success on the West End. Lane has been starring in a revival of Angels in America in the United Kingdom.

Lane arrived at the Ed Sullivan theater Friday fresh from his run of Angels in America at London’s Royal National Theatre. The play ran in London from April to August 2017. It is scheduled to open at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York City on March 23. The two-part play, which clocks in at over seven hours, is currently slated to be on Broadway for 18 weeks.

Lane was greeted enthusiastically by the studio audience for his first appearance opposite the late night show host. After making a few jokes at the expense of porn star Stormy Daniels and the designer of the Ed Sullivan theater’s lavish interior, Lane rendered Colbert speechless with laughter when he demonstrated a spit-take for the audience. He then proceeded to outline his fondness for taking Uber and cab rides during his stay in London.

The Broadway star also discussed his role as Roy Cohn in Angels in America. Lane praised the intelligence of the real-life Cohn and touched on the deceased lawyer’s past associations with President Trump. During the interview, Lane attributed the play’s success to its focus on the possibility of positive change in the world.

Lane, who played meerkat Timon in the animated film The Lion King, also revealed that actor Billy Eichner e-mailed him right away to tell him that he had been cast as Timon in the upcoming live action version of The Lion King. Lane jokingly berated Eichner for winning the role and laughingly suggested that he remake The Birdcage with Ryan Gosling.

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