My Dogs Will Only Eat Beneful Brand Foods

I’m a pet owner who will only feed my pets Beneful brand food. I’ve had so many different people try to convince me to switch to a different brand, but I don’t see the need. My dogs have been eating Beneful for years, and they are healthy and strong, and they are full of energy too. I’ve tried to encourage friends of mine to feed their dogs the same foods, but they have refused. I can’t change anyone’s mind about what they feed their dog, but my dogs will only be fed Beneful brand foods.

When it comes to feeding my pets, I have a lot of choices. Fortunately, Beneful doesn’t just have one kind of dog food, but they have many kinds available. Not only is dog food available, but there are snacks as well. My dogs love everything that I feed them as long as it comes from Beneful. I discovered Beneful after I had first received my pets. I received two dogs at once as a gift, and the family member who gave me the dogs, they left one big bag of Beneful. I had no reason to change the food, so I continued using it.

One day, I ran out of food, and I had forgotten to pick up some at the grocery store. The store that I had stopped at on the way home, they didn’t have Beneful foods, so I just picked up a store brand. I made a big mistake by picking up the store brand of dog food because my dogs wouldn’t eat it. My dogs whimpered all night because they were hungry because they didn’t like the food that I had bought them. I learned the hard way that I should never feed my dogs anything other than Beneful. If my dogs love Beneful brand foods, why should I switch?

After learning that hard lesson, I went to the store as soon as they opened in the morning, and I made sure to get several bags of Beneful. When I put the food in their bowl, they ate the food as if they hadn’t eaten in weeks, and I never had a problem with them eating again. I absolutely love Beneful foods, and the treats are great as well. The fact that their food is soft and chewy, and it’s made from real meat, my dogs absolutely love it, and I will never choose any other dog food brand.

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