Money Reserve President Validates George Soros Predictions

The President of the US Money Reserve recently gave an interview to Enterprise Podcast about the state of the dollar and the benefit of investing in gold coins. The Money Reserve is a certified silver, gold, and platinum coin distributor and minter for the US Government. Every coin is certified and backed by the economy and the government. Philip Diehl is the present President of the Money Reserve. Mr Diehl is an expert in precious metals and has much experience in government service. He is the 35th director of the US Mint.

Mr. Diehl has taken his prior experience and used it to expand the trading of precious metals and coins to every continent in the world. When he first became the President of the Money Reserve they were simply breaking even. Now the Reserve is turning a healthy profit and expanding how they trade coins and how they treat clients.

The Money Reserve has a strong commitment to bringing the best quality metals and the best products to every client. They have even expanded their offerings to offer a precious metal IRA program to help individuals save for their retirements and have a safer place to invest their money.

One of the best parts of making the investment in gold coins is that it is an investment one can have confidence in. Some other positive aspects of investing in gold coins include:

• Backed by US Government

• Legal Tender

• Certified Real Gold

• Best Quality
Finally Mr Diehl was asked how recent financial issues have impacted the gold market. Here is where he is in agreement with many financial experts like George Soros. First and foremost he sites the 2008 financial crisis. This caused many harsh fluctuations in the economics of the nation. This had ripple effects around the world and with American investors.

Secondly Mr Diehl says that many investors are conducting their business online. This changes the way that trading and selling is done. There are no more closing bells and business can be done any time day or night. Third is the uncertainty of monetary policies as well as the value of the dollar. These all affect how investors approach their portfolios and deal with the growing of wealth for their retirement. Gold is a safe haven that allows for accruing wealth without as much risk being incurred.

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