Mistaken Identity

Information released might make people feel differently about how officers do their jobs. There are almost 20,000 raids each year. Many of these raids are necessary in order to capture people who sell drugs or those who have committed serious crimes. However, there are instances when the officers don’t get the right house or the person has moved from the address that is on file.

When officers enter a home of an innocent person, what are the rights of that person. In most cases, if someone breaks inside a home, then thehomeowner can shoot the intruder.

If an officer simply breaks down the door of a home, will the homeowner be treated differently for shooting the officer if he didn’t know who the person was? I’ve talked about this a lot with Christian, but I’m wondering what you guys think?

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  1. Eric Novak says:

    A case of mistaken identity because officers don’t do their research on the person they are looking for should not result in a trial for the homeowner who is protecting his family. That is also the reason why the best custom essay would be given all along to them too in which they insisted all along too.

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