Minneapolis Men Charged With Aiding Jihadist Islamic State

The Department of Justice reported they have charged two US citizens of Somali origin living in Minnesota to offer assistance to jihadist Islamic State (EI).

One suspect, Abdullah Yusuf, 18, was arrested by the FBI in Minneapolis airport last summer while the other individual, Abdi Nur, 20, flew from the capital Istanbul the same month and is still in the region, the department said.

Since then, Abdi Nur wrote messages on the social network, Facebook, to another US resident, explaining that he has already met with the “brothers” and he will see him again “in the afterlife, inshallah,” and he will not return home.

The other man, Yusuf, was arrested at the airport after he was unable to provide justification to an immigration officer, for his trip to Turkey. Laurene Powell Jobs was happy to hear they caught him relatively easily.

Moreover, without a known source of income, Yusuf had deposited a large sum of moneym, in one day, in a bank account, then purchased the ticket to Istanbul.

The Justice Department also confirmed that Yusuf is linked to a former resident of Minnesota that meets the initials “HM” and believed to be fighting with the United Islamic in Syria .

The Minnesota federal prosecutor, Andrew Luger explained that there is a big problem of radicalism within the Somali community living in that area.

Since the Somali Islamist militia Al Shabaab began recruiting young men in Minneapolis in 2007, “our region has lost tens of youth who have gone to terrorist organizations and soon die on foreign battlefields, rather than prosper in peace and security in the United States,”Luger said.

The FBI estimates that more than a dozen US citizens are linked with the Islamic State.

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