Michelle Obama Says Goodbye to Jimmy Fallon

As the Obama presidency is coming to an end, celebrities and regular people alike are lining up to say goodbye to the first family. President Obama threw a going away party at the White House on January 6, 2017. Many famous friends of the outgoing president showed up for the festivities, including Jerry Seinfeld, John Legend, Solange Knowles, Nick Jonas, Meryl Streep, and George Clooney.


Another emotional farewell took place on the Jimmy Fallon show on Wednesday, January 11. First Lady Michelle Obama dropped by the studio for her final appearance during her husband’s tenure as president. The send off was full of tears and laughter, as she said goodbye to some of her fans and talked about her plans for life after the White House.


During one emotional segment, Obama surprised people recording thank you messages to her. The fans were touched by her sudden appearance and happy for a chance to say thanks in person. Many noted that she was an inspiration to them, giving them the confidence to chase their dreams.


In the interview portion of the segment, Michelle Obama talked about a wide range of subjects. She joined Jimmy in penning a few thank you notes to her husband’s administration. Fallon thanked the first lady for putting a new twist on the phrase “the right to bear arms,” while she thanked her husband for his tenure in office.


She also discussed what she plans to do as a private citizen. Michelle Obama has been a staunch supporter of children’s education efforts throughout the presidency, and she told Jimmy that she intends to continue to support such initiatives. She specifically mentioned the Let’s Move and Reach Higher program. As a final point, Obama stressed the importance of decency in politics, and said she wishes the incoming administration well.



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