Meyers and Clarkson’s Cocktails and a Cognitive Test

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host and multiple Grammy Award-winner Kelly Clarkson concocted a bunch of hard liquor infused shots to become daytime drunk enough to take a Donald Trump cognitive test. The two started off with a beer and quickly moved on to mix shots. Seth Meyers made a drink that was inspired by Kelly’s early career start as an American Idol winner. As Meyers started his first shot, he sheepishly smiled and poured in a bit of hot sauce, some vodka, a little more hot sauce and top it off with some bitters to create “The Simon Cowell.” They both downed the fiery drink and agreed that their “lips were on fire.”

Kelly Clarkson dubbed her drink “The Blake Shelton” and mixed in bourbon, Southern Comfort, Tennessee Whiskey and sliced bananas in ode to Blake’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani and her hit song. The strong shot was almost too much for the pair and after a few more cocktails and goofing around, they finally began a cognitive test that Donald Trump’s doctor had given the President back in January. Giddy and flushed, Clarkson tried to answer the first question of test, “name the maximum number of words in one minute that start with the letter ‘F’.” Clarkson staggered with her answers and could only name 18 “F” words. As she jokingly blamed it on the liquor, the late night host randomly broke out and sang her hit song “Since U Been Gone” while she sat laughing.

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