Martin Lustgarten Provides the Midas Investment Touch

Investment banks are sometimes referred to as boutique firms and offer a variety of financial investment advisory services to several bodies such as corporates, individuals, funds, and states. These companies offer market-based research before any investment commencing. The majority of investment banks are publicly listed in the stock exchange markets.

However, there are a few privately owned firms as well as those that operate in partnership business models. The constitution of the owners of these banks varies from government entities, wealthy individuals, corporates, and banks among others.

Essential functions of investment banks include offering advisory services during mergers and acquisitions, floating an initial public offer for a company that wishes to trade publicly, helping raise capital through underwriting, as well as trading in the money market, derivates, and fixed income instruments. The investment banks have two sides when it comes to information dispensation. There is the private side that deals with strictly confidential information while the public side deals with information that is accessible to the public.

Investment banks perform their duties by either buying or selling in the markets. The marketing side helps in acquiring equity instruments such as unit trust, life insurance, and mutual funds. All the investment banks are licensed brokers.

Martin Lustgarten is the Chief Executive Officer of Lustgarten Martin, a private investment bank that offers expert advice. He has a wealth of experience in investment banking. His investment portfolios are spread across various countries such as Venezuela, Singapore, Panama and Hong Kong. He manages money for individuals and corporates alike. Martin offers tailored investment solutions with high returns. His experiences have earned him a solid reputation as a prudent investment banker.

Mr. Lustgarten is a professional with a firm grasp of investment banking policies and regulations and handles complex investment transactions that transcend geographical locations. Part of his services involves computation of risk, either capital or market risks.

His investments are evidence of his skill and expertise. He has invested in almost all industries. Martin is an avid collector of vintage and antique items besides other hobbies. He expertly juggles his investment decisions and takes risks that are profitable ventures, yet finds time for his hobbies.

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