Man Scans Ketchup Bottle’s QR Code Only To Be Directed To Adult Web Site

Once in a while we get the shock of our life time when you think you are doing something ordinary, but in fact get attacked with something completely different. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, a man in Germany decided to use the QR code on the side of his ketchup bottle only to be led to an adult entertainment site and not the promotion that was being advertised on the ketchup. Even though the promotion had expired, it is still on many bottles in many households around the country which is why the man, Daniel Korrell was concerned.

Apparently, the QR code had expired from the bottle and it was already sold again to an adult movie and entertainment site, so I guess you could call it double dipping. Korrell reached out to the Facebook community to inform them of this mishap and the only real thing he got out of it was a free membership to the website itself.

This is a really interesting situation, because it makes you wonder like Jaime Garcia Dias what and how this QR code marketing stuff works. If they can just resell the codes at any time, it seems like it might kind of be a bad thing. Yet, I can see why they would, because it would save a lot of time and money just to reassign an old one once the promotions are finished.

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