Madonna is next ‘Celebrity Karaoke’ Guest

Who knew James Corden would have such a big hit segment on his hand when he introduced “Carpool Karaoke” to ‘The Late Late Show’? The segment has become so popular, it even got its own primetime special in March of this year. Corden has managed to get popular guests like One Direction, Adele, and Michelle Obama on the show, and his latest is the queen of pop herself, Madonna.


“Carpool Karaoke” involves a bit in which Corden, who hosts ‘The Late Late Show,’ needs help getting to work. He calls on a famous friend to assist him and they chat in between bouts of singing along to his selection of music, which typically involves some of the guests own songs when they’re a musician. His most popular guest is Adele, whose youtube video for the segment has garnered more than 133 million views since it debuted in January.


Corden, who was recently in New York to host an event for the Ad Council’s Public Service Awards, appeared in an image Madonna shared on both her instagram and twitter accounts. She captioned the photo, “riding around Manhattan with this Hunk of Burning Love” and tagging “The Late Late Show,” fueling rumors that she would appear next. A producer for the show later shared the same image, confirming she would be the next guest.



Riding around Manhattan with this Hunk of Burning Love


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