London Vacation Rentals Form World Escape London Were Just Right!

My husband is a bit of a picky person. He wants everything to be just so. I’m a bit more easy going. I am perfectly comfortable if something is a bit messy or it is not in the right place. So when I started to think about our trip to London I knew I would have to be careful about the kind of place I picked out for us to stay. I knew I would have to be able to offer him a choice about where to stay in the city. He trusts me but he wants to have a look at it before we leave.

That’s why I turned to the great people at World Escape London for our possible London vacation rentals. I knew I would need to find at least five or six choices I could present to him before we left. A friend had recommended them to me and she was right. The company had an entire list of possible places for us to look over even before we set a single foot in London. There were also rows and rows of detailed pictures so we could get a good look before we left. I was ever so pleased when I figured out how to work the site. The site is also easy to work with. I’m not a particularly skilled computer user but even I was able to quickly figure out how to get through it and find what I really wanted for our planned stay in London.

The apartment I picked out was just right for us. I am delighted I was able to use the site. I found that it was light and very bright just as I had hoped when I started to search. There were windows everywhere in the apartment. This made me feel good. It also made my husband feel good as he likes to have a lot of light so that he can see everything he wants to see in the morning when he gets up. We were really pleased with our decision to work closely with this company.

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