Lime Crime sets the bar high in cosmetic choices

It can be hard to find a line of makeup that will match your outgoing and creative personality however there is a line that most people do not even know about. Lime Crime is a makeup line that was launched out of Los Angeles. The line of makeup is cruelty free to animals while maintaining the ability to cover up an assortment of imperfections.

A teenager has a hard time with their skin and therefore is searching for a cosmetic line that will leave their skin feeling and looking flawless. The harsh chemicals that are normally found in other makeup lines is not found in Lime Crime.

Lime Crime offers makeup on pinterest for your eyes, mouth and all over your face area. There is an assortment of colors not only available in eye shadows and mascara but also in lipsticks and gloss. The velvetines lipstick choice is great for medium to darker skin complexes while the carousel gloss can be matched to a variety of skin tones.

If you have a teenager or are shopping for yourself, the zodiac glitter is one option to make your eyes really stand out. The glitter options will match as an overlay to your eyeshadow or can be used solely on its own.

If you take pride in your makeup or tend to be someone who matches your makeup to your hair and nails, the variety of colors that are available for the eyes and lips is also available for the nails. The nail polish colors are just as bright and vibrant as the colors that will be applied to your eyes and mouth.

If you are someone who is into the grunge appearance or just want to expiriment with the grunge style, the grunge palette is one option for you to choose from when shopping for a new line of makeup choices.

Since the Lime Crime makeup company offers the ability to choose from makeup that is original in style and still maintains the versatility to use it everyday with out breaking your face out, there should be no reason to choose those other expensive brands that dry your face out and leave you with distaste because the colors aren’t quite what you were hoping for.

With holidays and birthdays and many other special occasions always around the corner, you might want to consider this as the unique gift that you are always looking for when shopping for that hard to buy for individual or individuals.

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