Legalization On The Way

One thing passed in a few states that many people might not have suspected of even being on the ballot. Two states plus Washington, D.C. voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

This is something that is spreading across the country as more states are looking at letting people grow and use the drug. There is a limit as to how much a person can have at one time and how much can be grown at home.

If the capital of the country has decided to make marijuana legal, then why doesn’t the rest of the country follow suit? There is lots of buzz on the social media sites Twitter and Skout about the anticipation for the next set of states to follow suit. Limits can be set and adhered to so that people have a way to use the drug with the government still being in charge of its use to an extent. Sales from marijuana will go to schools and other important programs and organizations in the states that have passed bills.

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