Late-Night TV Show Host Conan O’Brien Has a New Half Hour Show for 2019

Conan O’Brien’s late-night TV show has been airing on TBS since November 2010, where O’Brien has made audiences laugh and have fun. Starting sometime in 2019, the show will move to a 30-minute duration versus the traditional hour-long. This shift will allow the show to more focused on comedy. O’Brien hopes the new format will allow him to have the time to explore other comedic opportunities. He currently has a partnership with the cable company Time Warner and hopes to produce more content there. For over two decades, O’Brien has over-delivered and made us laugh with his entertainment. The shift and how O’Brien will deliver his comedy was decided upon the fact that society has changed the way we watch television and comedy today. O’Brien also noted that young viewers do not tune into his linear broadcast so he wanted to try something new. O’Brien is also working on a website that will allow fans to view programs that he has letter been involved in over the past two decades. In today’s society, people love to have access to things quickly and easily. It’s also amazing to know that O’Brien is making these changes for his viewers. There is no wonder why he is the dominating host for late-night shows as far as seniority goes. O’Brien also stresses the fact that since we’re in a fast-paced moving world, that it is important he keeps evolving and adapting to deliver the best content. I’m happy to see that O’Brien has made this change and I’m sure there will be positive results from the new half-hour format, along with his other ventures.

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