Late Night Television/Celebrity Ramblings: Stephen Colbert

Comic and late night television talk show host Stephen Colbert frequently garners media headlines. His witty remarks have made him very popular with television audiences. Recently, he secured an interview with Billy Joel, an internationally renowned performer and songwriter who rarely appears on talks shows. The event attracted a large number of viewers.


On January 10, 2016, Stephen Colbert welcomed the hugely talented Billy Joel. He persuaded the singer to reveal the title of his favorite song from his extensive roster of hits:“Scenes From an Italian Restaurant”. The singer thrilled the audience by delivering an impromptu performance of “Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out)”. Actor Josh Holloway, the star of a highly successful science fiction action adventure, made a guest appearance on the same show. He complimented Billy Joel’s performance. (Colony will launch its much-anticipated second season soon.)


Steven Colbert does not shy away from controversy, however. For instance, he recently alluded to the Twitter war which erupted following actress Meryl Streep’s criticism of President-Elect Donald Trump for belittling a disabled reporter. Her remarks, delivered in a very public way at the Golden Globe Awards, attracted international publicity.


After the President-Elect responded by describing the award-winning actress as “over-rated”, Stephen Colbert waded into the exchange. He told viewers Mr. Trump had finally gone “too far”, noting Meryl Streep’s acclaimed performances in films such as Sophie’s Choice.


Celebrities in the United States sometimes use events covered by the media as platforms for the expression of political or social viewpoints. One of the first instances of this form of protest occurred at the Academy Awards in 1972. Actor Marlon Brando famously declined to accept an award through a proxy named Sacheen Littlefeather. She informed the startled gathering (and a global audience) about his decision.


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