Late Night Television Show Writers Should Be Careful What They Tweet

The late night television show Saturday Night Live has a reputation for annoying the rich and powerful. Many of the skits and jokes on the television show poke fun at famous entertainers and politicians. However, the comedy isn’t always meant to be mean spirited. In fact, many of the show’s targets are often invited to host Saturday Night Live. This casual alliance makes some of the barbs easier for the rich and powerful to take.


Unfortunately, some writers for Saturday Night Live don’t understand exactly where the line is drawn. Katie Rich, a writer for the late night television show, recently found this out the hard way. Drawing the ire of folks on the right and on the left, Rich tweeted something about Barron Trump, Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son. The tweet came during the inauguration. Here, many people saw Barron Trump for the first time. He did nothing offensive. He handsomely waved with his father. However, Katie Rich somehow saw the boy as a prime target. She tweeted a message that said Barron would be our country’s “first homeschool shooter.” Not surprisingly, the tweet was poorly received.


The tweet was offensive on at least two levels. First, the children of presidents in America are generally considered off limits. If Rich read the news, she would have known a reporter was lambasted in 2014 for mocking the attitude and outfits of Obama’s daughters at an event. Second, the tweet was rather calloused towards gun violence.


Hopefully, Rich will be able to find a new gig.


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