Late Night Television Show Hosts Blast Ivanka Trump

Famous people often hope to be mentioned on a late night television show to increase exposure. That is exactly what members of the Trump family used to wish for. However, now that the Trump family is leading the most powerful country in the world, Trump family members are not always mentioned positively. This is exactly what happened to Ivanka Trump recently. After being jeered at a conference in Germany, the late night television world has been merciless.


It started when Ivanka Trump spoke at a German conference on women’s issues. She told the crowd that her father was a “tremendous champion of supporting families.” Naturally, the crowd didn’t seem to believe Ivanka’s claim, and they let her know through a series of boos and jeers. Later, late night television show hosts quipped all about it. Stephen Colbert joked that it was the first time a Trump family member participated in a women’s conference that didn’t involve swimsuits. Conan O’Brien told his audience that Ivanka Trump was surprised she got booed after being told she should open up her remarks with a joke. Another joke reminded audience members that the Trump family has a long history of inspiring women. However, that inspiration involved inspiring women to march, to sue, and to flee from a dressing room.


This wasn’t the first time the Trump family has been openly mocked on late night television. With over three and a half years until Trump’s presidency can be challenged, it certainly won’t be the last either!



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