Late Night Television Pokes Fun At State Of The Union

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union provided late night television hosts with plenty of fodder for their comedic routines. Late night heavy hitters Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel and more took the address and ran with it. Stephen Colbert even went out of his way to rewrite the State of the Union address and conjure himself into an extreme version of President Trump. A full video is available at the Huffington Post

Colbert pulled all the punches, most were a rodeo he has attended before but were none the less entertaining. He tackled broad jokes about the handling of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria and their lack of electricity, the interesting and climactic state of the Trump’s marriage, he even spent some time focusing on president Trump’s fascination with the good old American flag.

Colbert portrayed President Trump as on the brink of divorce, flirting with becoming imprisoned, a grunt to Putin, and oh his love of golf! It may not be necessarily accurate, but it was certainly an entertaining cartoonish version of President Trump, one similar to the person his actual Twitter account conjures. After his faux State of the Union, Colbert went on to interview guests Jon Favreay, Tommy Veitor and Jon Lovett who were all asked to weigh in on President Trump’s speech. All remained fairly aloof and the basic takeaway was the speech was very boring.

Kimmel did his own bit and managed to throw in a few references in his monologue to things President Trump stated. Kimmel chose to roll old footage poking fun at President Trump’s vows that he doesn’t believe in teleprompters, then clearly using a teleprompter for his address. He poked fun at President Trumps demeanor, falsely referring to him as the most stable person in the history of the world.

While all the late night television hosts had some fun with President Trump’s State of the Union, some were far better than others. Colbert and Kimmel both went further and more entertaining than some others, and shed some light to some of the issues they believed were important in the process.

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