Late Night Shows Focused on Politics in 2016

It is no secret that late night host get plenty of mileage out of political jokes. Presidents and other top politicians have had jokes made about them in late night monologues for many decades. Johnny Carson built an empire from roasting the likes of Nixon, Ford and Carter on a nightly basis. That tradition has continued into the modern era. Late night hosts seemingly have no shortage of comedy material derived from politicians these days. However, 2016 was certainly a banner year where that is concerned.


The 2016 presidential election in the United States divided the nation in a way that no prior election has done in recent memory. The late night shows capitalized on the massive interest in the election by writing entire monologues that made fun of the various candidates. Videos of the candidates giving speeches were often shown and mocked on a regular basis. The ratings for some of the late night shows were higher than they had been in recent years. This is believed to be the result of added interest in these shows caused by the election. Also, many people became tired of watching straight news coverage and wanted to laugh. Whatever the case may be, there can be no question that 2016 was the year that politics reigned supreme in the world of late night TV.


Stephen Colbert was so charged up about the election that he hosted a live special on Showtime that aired on election night. Colbert is a huge democratic supporter. Needless to say, his enthusiasm waned as the night went on and the election results continued to roll in. However, the fact that Colbert decided to host such a show proves that late night’s roll in the 2016 presidential election was very significant. The election of Trump means that more political jokes are on the horizon.

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