Late Night Hosts Have Fun With Biden Vs. Trump

Late night television hosts have always enjoyed poking fun at political figures in the United States, and President Trump is no exception to that rule. In fact, they may poke him more than any other president in the country’s history. Recently, late night television had a bit of fun as they watched incredulously as a small feud broke out between ex Vice President Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump. For many of them, this was likely a dream scenario, the kind of comedy you simply cannot make up, it’s already so hilarious.


At a recent rally, Biden made the comment that if he were in high school with Trump, he believes that he likely would have “beat the hell out of him” for the way he treats females. Trump was quick to take to his favorite social media platform to reply, claiming that he could take Biden down and he would be crying the whole time. Late night television hosts wasted no time jumping on the incident, weird as it may be, this is the fodder comedians love.


Seth Meyers, host of “Late Night”, simply referred to the entire scenario as “embarrassing”. He then joked as he called their fight the “Thrilla in Vanilla”. Jimmy Kimmel started by poking fun at President Trump for his constant use of Twitter and inability to let anything slide. He then pondered the probability of Biden winning the fight by mocking the president’s wardrobe during his time in school. Jimmy Fallon tied the recent Stormy Daniels story in a few jokes before laughing at how the country was afraid of an emotional woman leading them so instead the United States has Biden vs. Trump.


One thing that all the late night hosts clearly shared was the view that the entire feud was childish and immature. It’s quite likely that the majority of the country could agree with them and for most of us, we likely feel like Meyers did when he began his performance by calling the entire thing embarrassing. For full clips of the comedians and all their jokes, click here.

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