Landrieu Loss Ends Dreadful Fall for Democrats

On one of the bleakest nights in recent history for the Democratic Party, the night of Tuesday, November 4th when Republicans took back the U.S. Senate and delivered a strong message with some of their more impressive victories, Democrats didn’t have much to hang their hats on, but they did have Mary Landrieu, the incumbent senator from the state of Louisiana. Landrieu narrowly knocked of her Republican opponent Bill Cassidy in their senate race, but because of state rules requiring her to secure 50 percent of the vote (which she did not), the race went to a runoff.


Democrats had gone to great lengths, including bringing a vote on the XL Keystone Pipeline purely for Landrieu’s sake, to try and preserve her seat. Perhaps, they thought that some of the momentum from that early November night would have dissipated in the month between the election and the runoff, but on Saturday night, neither their vote on Keystone or the momentum from November proved to work in Landrieu’s favor as she was demolished by 14 points.


That runoff win now means that Republicans hold 56 seats in the Senate and thanks to two more House victories on Saturday, they now have 246 seats there, the most since World War II. It will be interesting for Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez to follow everything that might change.

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