Kylie Jenner Getting Chunky

Kylie Jenner was once the quiet and young girl on the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ reality show. Kylie is only 17-years old, but she is currently dating rap superstar Tyga. By now, most people know that Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend is 25-years old, but that is besides the point.

Igor Cornelsen thinks that Kylie’s relationship to Tyga seems to have changed her, and sadly, it is for the worse. Many parents feel that Tyga is a terrible role model for Kylie, but the couple appears to be in love. Recently, terrible rumors were spread around the internet about Kylie Jenner. Many people believe that Kylie Jenner now smokes marijuana with her new boyfriend, and this type of behavior is terrible for the young girls that watch the Kardashian show. However, parents shouldn’t allow their children to watch the show in the first place.

Aside from smoking marijuana regularly, Kylie Jenner appears to be gaining a tremendous amount of weight. She recently posted several pictures of herself on Instagram, and her thighs appeared to be chunky and heavier than never. Smoking marijuana on a regular basis and eating Popeye’s chicken will do that to you, and this new behavior is all thanks to Tyga. For more information on this story, and to view the new pictures of a chunky Kylie Jenner, visitPerezHilton.

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