Kimmel Does Double Duty as Oscars Presenter

Although television audiences are not accustomed to seeing Jimmy Kimmel in a tuxedo, this year he got decked out in Tom Ford duds for a turn as the host of the 90th Academy Awards. Kimmel’s monologue set the tone for the show. While calling attention to important social issues of our day, Kimmel also cracked some great jokes.

Of course, Kimmel addressed what happened the last time he hosted the Oscars. During the infamous 89th Academy Awards ceremony, presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the incorrect envelope for Best Picture. Consequently, the wrong film was announced as the winner. The aftermath that ensued was one of the most wild moments in television history. People in headsets swarmed the stage as the producers of La La Land—who were already giving speeches—were told that Moonlight was the actual winner. Kimmel sprang into action and attempted to lighten the mood by yelling, “Warren, what did you do?” as the mess was sorted out.

Perhaps for this reason, the Academy Awards team decided to give the late-night host another shot at the Oscars this year. They also called upon Beatty and Dunaway to do the honors in announcing Best Picture once again. Luckily, another Envelopegate was easily avoided this year. When presenters walked out onto the set this year, it could be seen that the outside of the envelopes were clearly marked with categories. This was just one of many changes made to ensure that no slip-ups occurred.

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