Kevin Seawright – The Man Behind The Success

The Executive VP of Newark CEDC, Kevin Seawright, has had a prolific career that started with a governmental position in Baltimore and ended with him making the private sector move. His career has been a successful one, built on positivity and several accolades for his experience and performance. In Newark CEDC, his work has finally led to exponential success and growth since he became Exec. VP last year. He believes that a lot of his success stems from an early introduction to financial stewardship, brought forth by his parents when he was 12.

Here, Kevin Seawright answers some key questions about his life philosophy and goals –

Formal College Education Should Not Be Taken Lightly – Kevin Seawright has been educated both at a formal college and has also received online education, which he’s talked about on Twitter. He believes that formal education is extremely important because it helps to foster leadership. He also adds that the increase in the popularity of all forms of college is further proof on the importance of formal college and online education.

Success to Kevin Seawright Means Love Of Family And Contribution To Community – Kevin Seawright strongly believes that he is successful because he has a loving family that supports him through thick and thin. He is close to his extended family as well. He also thinks that the most important marker for success is contributing to the community in a positive way, like Newark CEDC has been doing.

Life Experiences Have Helped Kevin Seawright Become Successful – According to Kevin Seawright, the secret behind his success has been his life experiences. That is his motivation to do the best he can and push himself and Newark CEDC more than anyone could have thought possible. In return, success has come to him quickly because of all the hard work he has put into the community of Newark.

The Meaning Of Happiness Is His Daughter – To Kevin Seawright, pure and unadulterated happiness is watching his daughter, Tia, grow up and become a lovely human being. He mentions that she also plays several sports like softball and basketball. She is brilliant at her studies and being her father makes her grateful and happy in equal measure.

Kevin Seawright Is A Sports Fan – Apart from all these things, Kevin Seawright enjoys several sports including basketball. In football, he is a Redskins supporter.

Kevin Seawright believes that there is still a lot for Newark CEDC to achieve in terms of its objectives, since his appointment. He wants the future to be bright for Newark and already, he has achieved so much that he can and should be proud of. Newark CEDC, under the leadership of Kevin Seawright, has helped to elevate Newark to a city that is on the world’s economic map.  Seawright remains an avid music fan, and a committed family man.

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