Kate McKinnon Listened to Podcasts to Prepare for ‘Rough Night’

Kate McKinnon, best known for her work on Saturday Night Live and in the Ghostbusters reboot, is able to pull out plenty of impressions (like her famous Hillary Clinton) and mimic plenty of accents. When the accents are a little tougher for her to learn though, she turns to a surprising method: listening to podcasts. The actress recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to promote her upcoming movie release Rough Night, where she revealed the tidbit.


McKinnon told the host that she had never listened to a podcast before and didn’t even know how to access them before getting the role in Rough Night as an Australian character. She decided that it would be helpful to be able to listen to Australian voices on a loop, so she set out to learn just how to “get podcasts” and began to listen to Australian produced episodes of various shows to help her hone her accent skills.


When Fallon asked her what kind of podcasts she listened to, McKinnon joked that she just used the “podcast app.” Now though, she enjoys plenty of podcasts, though the interview didn’t have the time to go into just what McKinnon might be listening to these days.


With all of her upcoming projects, it’s amazing that McKinnon has time for anything else. In addition to remaining a cast member on Saturday Night Live and having Rough Night in theaters on June 16, McKinnon is also the voice of Ms. Frizzle for the upcoming Netflix Magic School Bus children’s series, and she also has The Lunch Witch, Ferdinand (another voiceover role) and The Spy Who Dumped Me on the way in the next year. McKinnon is certainly one busy woman.



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