Kate Hudson Opens Up to Elle about Fabletics

Kate Hudson is a champion of those women that have longed for fitness clothing that they can work out in and look good. The commercials are funny, and Kate Hudson has shown that she truly understands the needs of women that are looking for some great workout clothing. This clothing line has become what she is good at, and Hudson opens up in Elle magazine about all that she loves in the Fabletics brand she created.

Hudson has worked long and hard, and she has seen some really great improvements in the way that she does business. As she transitioned from actress to businesswoman it was clear to see that she has a mind frame to become a dominant player in the industry. She did not have any interest in sitting on the sidelines. To the contrary, she was much more interested in building the type of clothing empire where she played an active role in the clothing line. That is why she won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in London in 2015. That is why she is one of the clothing models on the website. She didn’t want to just be a name that was attached to Fabletics. She wanted to embody the brand as she helped mold and shape this clothing company.

In Elle magazine Hudson speaks on her eating habits and her workout routine. She talks about how she grew up with working out as part of her upbringing. On the west coast in California this was just a regular habit because there are so many beaches and so many opportunities to hop into a bikini. Women want to look good in swimwear when they are out in the beach, but they also want to look good while they are getting in shape to get that beach body. That is where Hudson and her co-founders saw the golden opportunity to move into a market that had been untapped.

The brand has emerged as something that brings the concept of gym wear in a whole new form. People are actually impressed with this Fabletics line. There is also a FL2 line that Kate Hudson is connected to for men’s workout gear. Her brother Oliver is helping her with this brand. Kate has even placed some her own picks on the website. This has allowed her to really get involved in the website and promote the Fabletics brand.
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