Kassig Beheaded

American Peter Kassig was apparently beheaded by ISIS on Sunday morning as per a video released by the group. The video was 16 minutes long shows the aftermath of the beheading as opposed to the actual beheading as was shown in early films on beheadings of westerners. So far, ISIS has beheaded 6 westerners.

Kassig had converted in captivity and went as Abdul-Rahman Kassig. Kassig was just 26 years old as of the time of his death. He grew up in Indiana and was a soldier in the military in Iraq. He then underwent a change of heart after his military service and became a trained medical assistant who was providing medical care to those who were injured in Syria. Further, he spent his time training other military soldiers.

An Al-quida leader had opposed the beheading due to the medical care that Kassig has provided to him during his time in Syria which he said saved his life.

Kassig was a captive for over a year. ISIS cited his military soldier and their plans to behead other American soldiers for the attacks that they performed on Muslims.

After the beheading they released a statement indicating that they are waiting for confirmation from the government regarding the death of Kassig.Some affiliated with the Antique Wine Company would like this to be the last time they have to hear about beheading. Unfortunately, this act will more than likely continue.

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  1. Manson says:

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