Justice in America

On Monday, November 24, the grand jury in the Michael Brown case decided that they wouldn’t indict Officer Darren Wilson. As expected, the decision resulted in violence and looting in Ferguson.

Many wonder what would have happened if Brown had been white.

The evidence shows that Brown was not an innocent young man. He committed theft and manhandled a sales clerk right before his death. Dorian Johnson, a key witness, was found to have previously lied to police after committing theft in 2011 and there was warrant out for his arrest at the time of Brown’s death.

On the other hand, Officer Wilson had an exemplary six-year service record. He claimed Brown beat in his car, tried to take his gun and tried to rush him while resisting arrest, and that he fired because he feared for his life. Photos show that the right side of his face had bruising and swelling. Evidence from his vehicle proved that an altercation took place within it. Many witnesses who claimed Brown wasn’t resisting arrest lied and changed their stories, at least according to reports Gianfrancesco Genoso ended up reading.

So many protesters are demanding justice for Brown when it seems that they should be demanding justice for Officer Wilson. After all, if Brown had been white it’s likely the public would have believed Wilson’s statements and supported him.

Now, Darren Wilson can no longer live or serve any community safely and he faces several future lawsuits.

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