Joseph Bismark Shares His Wellness Techniques

A recent article released from Reuters highlights the profile of Joseph Bismark. Bismark, along with several colleagues from his company the Qi Group, are featured in the latest issue of aspIRe magazine. Bismark’s profile provides insight into his daily technique for keeping a strong mind, body and spirit.

The Qi Group is a multinational direct sales conglomerate that offers a variety of lifestyle and health and wellness products. Bismark is one of the co-founders of the Qi Group and currently serves as its managing director.

For Bismark, the health and wellness products that the Qi Group sells and markets are not just tools to make money. Bismark has always taken a highly spiritual approach to life and the Qi Group’s products are reflective of how he approaches life on a day to day basis.

The profile of Bismark includes a discussion of his diet, his exercise regimen, his commitment to yoga and meditation, and his use of technology to assist him with his holistic lifestyle.

Joseph Bismark is a firm believer in holistic health and wellness. He maintains a vegetarian diet. His workout regime includes cycling, swimming, kettlebell lifting and the “rip:60” fitness program.

Bismark is also a long time practitioner and teacher of Yoga. He is a yoga master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga and he continues to voraciously learn and read about new Yoga techniques. He also incorporates meditation and chanting into his Yoga workouts.

Bismark uses the latest technology to assist him in maintaining his lifestyle. He finds “MapmyRide” a useful application for recording his cycling workouts. He is a user of the “SoundCloud” application to record and upload mantras and bhanjans chants for Yoga. He also uses Luminosity, a web based application that keeps his mind sharp with brain games and exercises.

Bismark does not simply believe in taking care of his own mind and body. He also believes that others should harness the potential within. He lives by the saying that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” He regularly shares his knowledge with others and encourages others in the Qi Group to take leadership roles regardless of their position in the organization.

Overall, the release and inspIRe article contain not only a profile of an impressive business leader but also inspiring lessons that anyone interested in holistic wellness can take to heart.

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