Jonathon Veitch: More Than The Usual President of a College

Jonathan Veitch was born in 1959, and he is a native of Los Angeles, CA. He is the president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA, succeeding the interim president Robert Skotheim on June 30, 2009. Also, he is the first one who is a native of Los Angeles to become the president of this college. His wife, Sarah, their three children, and he are currently living in the Wallis Annenberg President’s House, which is located at the Occidental campus.

Jonathan Veitch attended Loyola High School, which is in southern California. He then attended and graduated from Stanford University where he earned his bachelors of arts degree. He received his masters of arts degree at Harvard University, and he also received his doctoral degree later on at Harvard University. His doctoral degree is in the History of American Civilization.

His previous escalades before becoming president of Occidental College include the following: He was a professor for the University of Wisconsin at Madison for four years in the English department, and he then became an associate professor at the New School in New York City, in literature and history. Afterwards, he was nominated as the chair of humanities, he was the associate provost, and then he became the deacon of the liberal arts division of the Eugene Lang College for the undergrads.

As the president of Occidental College, he has improved the surrounding community, and the College relations. This is done by him limiting the campus expansion in the community upon him adhering to the neighborhood’s concerns. Additionally, he has worked to preserve the campus’ energy by unveiling a megawatt solar array in April of 2013.

He is also a great author. He is the author of “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s”. It was published by the University of Wisconsin Press in 1997. Jonathon Veitch’s fields of academic expertise include American film, and the 19th and 20th century American Literature.

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