John Textor Creates a Mark in Digital Human Likeness Productions

John Textor is a California-based entrepreneur who has succeeded in the film industry and visual media. Textor is the executive chairman who has steered Pulse Evolution Corporation to prominence. He is regarded as an icon in the digital productions especially in movies such as Transformers, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End.

Textor obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics at Wesleyan University in 1987. In 1997, he co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings and became the Managing Partner of the company. This is a private equity firm that is based in Florida and focuses mainly on entertainment, internet, and telecommunications.

John Textor, in 1999 took the role of director heading the Parent Company and BabyUniverse. This is an internet retailer that sells children’s products. In 2002, he was the chairperson of the retailer store before be attained the position of chief executive officer in 2005. He has held the executive positions in various companies.

Textor attained the role of Chairman as well as CEO of the company known as Sims Snowboards. At Michael Swerdlow Companies, he was the man behind the strategic planning and corporate finance. He was also the founding director of another company called Lydian Trust Company or Virtual

Textor has actively engaged in the developing entertainment properties within a broad range of technology platforms and venues. Textor headed Digital Domain from 2006 being the chairman and CEO. He also headed the parent company Digital Domain Media Group. Textor saw the companies go through acquisition and reconstruction. These two companies have taken part in doing visual effects for close to over 80 large-scale films.

Among these feature films, 25 of them were led by Textor. Among the films he produced are such as Real Steel, Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. This computer graphics wizard led Digital Domain Media Group to win Academy Award for crafting and bringing the first ever-believable digital human actor. LinkedIn shows that this was in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a romantic fantasy drama that was directed by David Fincher.

The company received the Visual Effects award in 2009 as well as CLIO advertising awards. When Textor left Digital Domain Media Group, he headed to Pulse Evolution Corporation to become the executive chairman. This is a company specializing in the production of digital humans through the computer.

In a recent Billboard Music Awards event, Pulse Evolution presented a 1991 version of Michael Jackson. This got the attention of the crowd. The audience saw as thought in front there was a half-sized Jackson, but this was all an illusion created from the genius work of Textor and his company Pulse Evolution Corporation.

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