Joel Edgerton Lights Up the Stage During Seth Meyers’ Show

When Australian actor Joel Edgerton joined Seth Meyers for a chat, the two quickly fell into a funny conversation about why Edgerton would make a terrible spy. Although Edgerton plays such shadowy characters on the big screen, he admitted that he would not be able to keep up the ruse in real life. After all, as Edgerton points out, spies are not permitted to really talk about lives—and all actors do is talk about themselves!

Edgerton also tells a hilarious story about the spy kit he owned as a child, which prompted him to spy on his grandmother snoring. The Aussie actor also regaled the audience with tales of shooting his most recent film. Although Edgerton was playing a man who was involved in a terrifying torture scene, he stated that it was actually very entertaining to shoot. In fact, Jennifer Lawrence’s dog Pippy even tried to make a cameo during the shot. Concerned that the actor playing the torturer was actually hurting his owner and friend, the protective pooch sprang into action. Edgerton and Meyers were able to laugh about how Pippy’s heroic actions were actually more effective than his character’s.

Interestingly enough, the buzz around Hollywood is that Edgerton and Lawrence are currently dating. Taking this into consideration, Edgerton’s name drop of Lawrence during his interview with Meyers makes even more sense. It’s no wonder that so many film fans are excited to see the two onscreen for Red Sparrow!

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