Jimmy Kimmel Shows Audience the Inside of His Colon

Jimmy Kimmel is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of his audience. Earlier this year, Kimmel publically spoke on his show about his newborn’s son medical issues and passionately pleaded for a better healthcare system. Kimmel is getting personal on his show again, this time letting cameras follow his first colonoscopy to raise awareness about colon cancer, which is the second leading fatal cancer in men and women. Kimmel teamed with news anchor and television host Katie Couric, who lost her first husband to colon cancer in 1998. Couric also televised her own colonoscopy on the Today Show in 2000 to raise awareness. Her public colonoscopy helped to cultivate a 20 percent rise in screenings over the following years. Kimmel decided to get a routine colonoscopy after turning 50, the recommended age to start screenings.

The seven-minute segment follows Kimmel throughout the entire process, beginning with Couric meeting Kimmel at the bar after his show to pour him a nice tall glass of MiraLAX, a liquid laxative used to clear the intestines of any waste. Kimmel then proceeds to chug the entire contents of the glass and describes the taste as “vile.” The next morning at 5:30 am, Couric arrives to pick Kimmel up with the car horn blaring. Kimmel then has a consultation with Dr. Ha, who’s performing the screening, and tests her skills with a round of the board game Operation. The segment goes on to show a sedated Kimmel, the inside of his colon, and Kimmel’s trip home. Couric remarked to Kimmel that the doctor was really “complimentary of your colon…she said your colon is very shiny and your small intestine is really fluffy.”

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