Jimmy Kimmel Shoots New Episode of “Lie Witness News” Focusing on Trump’s White House “Plans”

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel sent reporters out on the streets of Los Angeles for a brand new episode of “Lie Witness News.” In this episode, reporters told a bunch of people false news about President-elect Donald Trump’s decoration plans for the White House.


First, these reporters asked how people felt about Trump’s “plan” to tear down the White House and build a “bigger, better White House.” The man interviewed by the reporter said that he was totally open to any new change.


Later, the crew asked a woman what she felt about a White House food court. This woman thought the idea was ludicrous. However, when she heard Cinnabon might be included in this food court, she said that “Cinnabon is good!”


When the reporter told one man about plans Trump had for replacing the White House with a 50-story penthouse building with gold on the outside, the interviewee seemed flabbergasted. Finally, this man said that since the White House is the symbol of our nation, this renovation could only make us appear stronger on the world stage.


After answering, the interviewer asked this man where he heard this news report. The man said he thought he heard about it on Twitter.


In the end, this reporter got various people to petition Trump for a larger Christmas tree by chanting “bigger tree.” Of course, after chanting these words a few times, the interviewees realized they were really chanting “bigotry.”


Every one of these interviewees totally believed the most ridiculous lies about Trump’s plans for White House renovations.




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